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Tank Chair

By j-michael
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I built this chair last semester. Inspired by working at an equipment rental store. It is what I feel to be the strongest (design wise) piece I have made.
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Nov 18, 2005, 12:33:45 AM
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ohh i wants, make me one, lol, or sell it to ikea, lol
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What a unique design. you know what would make it even better? make it powered so u can steer your way around while relaxing
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Awesome concept! I worked for a furniture company for a while, but everything we made was very rigid and traditional. I love this idea of something kinetic, but not obnoxiously so.
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seems like sitting in that chair would be a futile effort
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This is so bazar. I love it
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oh wow, this is really interesting, may I use this in a collage if I credit you
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umm, if u move it, and someones sitting on it, wouldnt the person get rolled of?forwards, cause theres nothing to keep them 'upright'
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Ooh, neat chair! I want one~ :D Great job, :+fav:
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Is it comfortable?
It looks it...
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amazing! :D i love it! :D i like when people can do things with hands more than pc works :D
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I messed up a little on that post.

Okay, to expound upon that everything I make is fully functional. I design and build furniture. It is there first to serve a purpose and then to look good.

2. Is it full size? Is it too narrow?
It is full size. It is slightly narrower than I had originally planned, but it is still slightly wider than the average chair. It is 18 inches wide. The average dining chair is 15-16. I find the chair shokingly comfortable. The day I finished it I actually took a nap in it. It is a little short under your legs, but at a seat height of 14 inches, your legs still support most of the weight of your thighs. I am 6'2" and the only people who have found it uncomfortable are under 5' 4" or so.

3. Does it get dirty when you "Drive it"?
I never intended it to be pushed any great distance. The way it moves is more like a wierd rocking chair, when you sit in it you can rock back and forth/up and down about 6 inches.

4. Production? For sale?
I do hope to one day produce these is small batches (less than 20), I don't feel though that it is quite at that level yet. I will be making another one for sure. The design will change to allow more use of off the shelf parts. As it is the chair takes about 120-140 hours to make. That means the price would be over 4000 dollars. Expect to see some 3-d renderings within the next month of the new design. I also want to work on the ergonomics to make it more of a universal fit. On a side note, If you seriously want wall, get a hold of me.

I will end with once again another thank you to all of you for all the compliments.
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Thanks to all of you and to Deviant Art for the DD. I'm personally shocked at the response this chair has receieved. To answer the few questions that I remember.

1. How is it "linked" together?
The slats all have holes through them through which I ran aircraft cable. The chair will easily support any single person. To expound
upon this
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It looks comfortable, but is it small? Minature? So you can't sit on it?
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That's awesome! Looks so comfy :D
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I saw this last night and had to come back to tell you how great it is as it looks so cool.
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so what's the verdict, how does it feel when you take a seat?
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Like a chair with wooden slats... duh August... rofl
Naw, I'm like you, I'm wondering what the comfort level is. Seems like it'd be a killer chair to sit and relax in whilst working on my laptop.
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I've sat in similar chairs and they RULED, but this design is quite a bit different :D
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Does it really move? Cuz, that would so rock.... I would so buy one. Nice job and very inventive ^_^!
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Now, to design one that is Reclinable! That Chair could very easily be turned into a Recliner.
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i want one. with a motor.
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