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Folding Chair

By j-michael
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This is just a quick rendering of a chair that will soon be built.
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My first choice for materials would be 1/4 inch steel plate, but just the steel for the chair would be about $400 before cnc laser cutting. I will be making a model out of steel and then powdercoating it. I hope to build one fullsize out of plywood with formica on the faces of all the parts. I think that I can get access to a CNC router for free, plus I have about 10 sheets of formica sitting around. The tubes would be polished aluminum on the plywood version.

Arms would be feasible, but I don't want them. Arms really close off the chair making it look too boxy, I also like the option of sitting on it sideways.

If I end up getting free access to the cnc router, I make make one of these in a "double wide". In a production run they could be sold individually with parts to combine two into one.
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Interesting. What will you be making this out of?
Also, since all the parts seem to some degree interchangable, might it be possible to make other pieces of furniture out of the same parts?

I'd love to see the finished piece!
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Very nice idea. I can't wait to see the finished product.
One question... Would arms be feasable on a project like this, considering it'll be folded?
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Very interesting! What materials will you build it out of, if I may ask?