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Dream Log - 12.3.10



Dream Log ~ 12/3/10 ~ Symmetrical Conway Music Notation Metamorphosis

I am falling rapidly through wispy clouds with Katie Rose towards an unseen fate. Despite the chaotically spinning world flying by us, and the god damned blistering wind that turns our hair into whips, lashing our eyes and ears, we hold our hands over each others hearts and breathe as each chakra all the way up our spinal chords is illuminated a deep, comforting blue. The blue quickly fades into the color of burned wood and henna dye, which makes everything slow down and the clouds become thin and vaporous. Our hair has become the wings of a thousand moths. I open my eyes and we are under water. In the ocean. A symmetrical pattern appears before us amidst the splinters of light penetrating the surface. Each shaft begins to rotate until it forms an infinite Penrose Triangle - Hexagon wall pattern. Katie laughs.
A most glorious spiraling staircase climbs out from the center of one of the triangles. Above it is a school of fish, darting this way and that. They quickly form a vortex and become the figure of a beautiful woman. As she emerges triumphantly from the water, the negative space behind the fish morph into birds, (reminiscent of Escher's "Metamorphosis") which maintain the shape of her torso and take flight at the peak of her ascension into the calm dusk. It is the most beautiful thing we've ever seen. We both laugh. I wake up.

Note: This dream happened in the midst of a wonderful class I was taking called "The Mathematics of Symmetry". We were examining Escher at the time, which probably subconsciously manifested as the fish/bird metamorphosis, as well as double image of the woman emerging from the water while also laying on her back in bed, dreaming...
I incorporated the musical notation afterward, which forms, in Conway notation, a Jump pattern. The motif in the Bass staff is a horizontal reflection of the motif in the Treble staff, and, thanks to some wonderful assistance from Mr. Logan and Mr. Lincoln, this notation is actually harmonically accurate as well. (Although it does sound rather strange, somehow it works...)
There is also a slanted mirror line in down the center of the woman's torso, creating a vertical reflection of the music staffs from the right side of the circle to the left side.

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