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micron and photoshop - 2009.

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I would love to see more of that character floating around.
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Maattt! yeah i think i'm gonna make some variations on the concept so keep your ear-balls open!

howre things?

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Life is good. It's been a very relaxing summer. I just been focusing on putting a good portfolio together before I start dropping them off at studios. What have you been up too?
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nice, nice. i've been playing music, making art, gardening, traveling, the usual. trying to support myself with all these things. i'm in paris now with my best friend Katie


just chilling, painting, drinking absinthe and wine and art-watching at old museums, meeting strange new people on the bridge, getting inspired.. i've been jamming a bit with some gypsies down by the Quai de Seine as well.

i've really been getting into oil painting.. hows your portfolio coming? you gonna be around next year? next semester is gonna be tight. ;)
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Damn that's one amazing vacation. I'm glad to hear, or read for this matter, that your coming back to LMU. I might be around, I just don't know when. I will be there for the screenings though.

The portfolio is the never ending story, but I got some advice on what I need to make it better. So I'm going to get back to the drawing board and sketch out some new stuff.

I could never get into painting, but take some pictures of those oil paintings and post them up when you get a chance.