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trading points for money

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 1, 2018, 1:33 PM

just keeping this journal here incase people are searching in the future and wanna trade


Christmas Wishlist

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 4, 2018, 5:14 AM

It's that time of the year again and everyone else is doing it so here goes~

- Art of my characters (mostly my sonas)
- Points or money
- Extension of my core
- A pacapillar, sushi dog/cat or cccat design or myo 
-Pets and items from my ChickenSmoothie wishlist (my user is Oramis)
-Currency and cool dragons on FlightRising (username Oramis)
- Commissions from the people tagged below

- Art or designs by:
(also it's in alphabetical order cuz i don't wanna play favourites lol)
sorry for tags, if you want to be removed lmk! and don't feel obligated to do anything for me <3

I watch way too many people so obviously I have so many fave artists and honestly i tried to narrow it down
i'm usually a pretty quiet watcher who just silently appreciates what people post since i'm really socially awkward but just wanna say i love you guys <33 

edit: ik i tagged a lot of people and mostly intended this to be a shoutout for a lot of artists i like who don't get enough apreciation and didn't mean for it to be greedy or anything ;v;


fursona meme

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 19, 2018, 9:31 AM

i got tagged by pinewoIf cuz i read theirs lol

1) Their first design vs. current 
never been changed tbh, just sometimes gets drawn with or without accessories 
my son by J-Kookie

2) Why are they your fursona?
i had the basic design for him in my head for ages but as i can't really draw i got one of my fave designers to wip up the final design and it was just as i visioned him to be <3

3) What's different between you and your fursona?
he's a doggo, his name is jun, he's cool

4) Their theme song:
coffee shop by b.a.p

5) Give them a canon voice!
choi junhong (who he's named after lol)

6) What does your fursona love and hate?
just incase you can't read from his profile; he likes k-pop, anime, drawing, skateboarding & tumblr (yes he edgy boyo) and hates hot weather, studying, cold showers & marmite

7) Their body type vs. yours:
again, he's a doggo 

8) How strong is your connection to your fursona?
honestly i wish i wasn't so attached to him, he's like my baby

9) Is your fursona shipped with someone else's character? if so, who?
nah, but if i was to ship him it'd be with a close friend's character or my partner's sona

10) Who/what is your fursona based off of?
me and a little off zelo from b.a.p (yes he was made during my kpop phase lol)

11) Do you wish your fursona was real?
as a humanoid or dog he'd be pretty awesome to hang out with

12) How much did you spend on art for them so far?
at least £250 at this point he has like 60+ pieces

13) Where would your fursona live if they were real?
probably england or south korea

14) Have you ever sold/traded them before?

15) Their favorite holiday?
national coffee day lmao

16) Pick a movie character they relate to most!
17) Pick another fictional character they relate to!
every dorky character ever

18) When were they born (created)?
can't remember when the ideas for him first came into my head but his official design was created on the 11th june 2016

19) Who is their best friend?
he has none, he needs some lol

20) Did you create them?
yes and no?

21) Their favorite season?

22) Do you have a fursuit of them? if not, do you want one?
i wish, mostly just cuz it's like having a giant plush of him

23) How long have they been your fursona?
for like 2 years and 2 months

24) How many times have they been redesigned/altered?

25) Their favorite restaurant:
he'd probs prefer to go to a coffee shop

26) Do they have any phobias?

27) Name one thing people forget when drawing them:
probs his legwarmers

28) Favorite art piece of them:
Headshopt request #3 by Stressful-Rakik

29) Do they represent you or a part of you?
he is my son

30) Tell me one fun fact of them!
he works in a coffee shop, he usually steals stuff from there tho

whoever wants to do it can steal this lol


Character Sale/Trade Journal 2018 - Inc HQ + CS

Journal Entry: Wed May 16, 2018, 11:50 AM

Deleted my last trade journals so time to make a new one~

Includes designs by: oncha, wqlf, altpnk, okeim, p4le, cedumb, teddypup, nebvla, liontoys, umbrans & more
Closed Species Included: soulfox, jolleraptor, pond pony, popaka, gello, mantoo & more

My Characters:

Feel free to offer on everyone but no guarantee I'm accepting anything.
Mostly just looking for entertaining offers which I'll definitely consider.

Please do not ask what I'm looking for in return for a certain character.

Just offer what you're willing to trade in return and we'll discuss~


To Do List + Waiting On 2018

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 30, 2017, 11:06 AM

To Do:

Waiting On:
If unable to follow through on a commission etc. let me know so we can sort things out / refund
This is mostly just a reminder for myself so no pressure on anyone!


Super Cheap Set Price Characters/ Trading for art

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 3, 2017, 3:02 AM

I want them all gone lmao
There are a range of species etc so feel free to check them out!

Only paypal for over £1 and needs to be in GBP currency (sorry)

May haggle/trade for some, also I'll consider art for some but I'm picky sometimes rip~


Mini Pixel Commissions [Open]

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 3, 2017, 1:40 PM

People seem to be interested in these so I keep making them to reach various point goals~

Just a few random examples:
BitterSweetPixel by J-Kookie BililiPixel by J-Kookie CherylPixel by J-Kookie KallaiPixel by J-Kookie AburaPixel by J-KookieMilkPixel by J-KookieAzulPixel by J-Kookie Boof1Pixel by J-Kookie GrisPixel by J-KookieLokiPixel by J-KookieTelePixel by J-KookieKoujaku by J-Kookie ShrugPixel by J-Kookie MelodyPixel by J-Kookie CamdenPixel by J-Kookie CozPixel by J-Kookie BiiBoPPixel by J-Kookie CedricPixel by J-Kookie SpookPixel by J-Kookie BentleyPixel by J-Kookie HarperPixel by J-Kookie FidoPixel by J-Kookie EnzoPixel by J-Kookie ElliotPixel by J-Kookie MaxPixel by J-Kookie MisakiPixel by J-Kookie OscarPixel by J-Kookie AxelPixel by J-Kookie NicoPixel by J-Kookie BrokenPixel by J-Kookie AriPixel by J-Kookie Charmini2 by J-Kookie BenjaminPixel by J-Kookie RabbishroomPixel by J-Kookie AphraPixel by J-Kookie MelPixel by J-Kookie HikkimoriPixel by J-Kookie HaishotoPixel by J-Kookie IchiPixel by J-Kookie RikkaPixel by J-Kookie HoneyPixel by J-Kookie CuervoPixel by J-Kookie NunatakPixel by J-Kookie Celinepixel by J-Kookie MoonpuffPixel by J-Kookie ClairePixel by J-Kookie KaumuPixel by J-Kookie
For more examples go here 
I can add a small animation like this  . by J-Kookie for + 10Points/£0.10
Can do any species ^v^
NOTE: Really light or dark characters might not look as good, it really depends~

I can always haggle/do trades as well! - Paid comms are prioritised tho

Character Ref:
Animated or Non Animated:
Points or Paypal:
Any other info:

UPDATE: I only take paypal in GBP/British pounds due to currency conversion and the lower value of dollars meaning I lose money, sorry about any inconveniences.


Christmas Wishlist

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 30, 2017, 3:20 PM

it's that time of the year again and I'm seeing people posting their wishlists so I might as well join in on this too ^^
also before i start i'd just like to say do not feel obligated or forced to get me anything from this list, it's just a few things that'd really make my day~

My List:
sorry for tags btw ;w; 
don't feel like you have to do anything i just really like you guys art and designs a lot ;v; <33
aaa i love you guys <33


Commissions Open

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 20, 2016, 1:54 PM

Finally decided to make a new commission journal~
Be sure to look through everything since I do a range of different things including digital,traditional, channel art, book covers, icons, pixel, gallery icons and more

EDIT: Most of these examples are hella old so I apologise for bad quality examples

I accept Points and paypal
(I can always haggle prices too or do trades)

Commissions TOS

Ask me if you would like me to put your commission on RedBubble!


Character Ref:
Commission type:
Payment type:
Extra info:

What I can draw:
Humans (mini pixels only)
Ask me about anything else I haven't mentioned!

What I won't draw:
Fetish art
Hate art

Note me about semi-open options


150 Points/$1.50
+Shaded 20 Points/$0.20
+Background 10 Points/$0.10
+Character 90Points/$0.90
For now I mostly do these facing forwards but I can try doing other directions
Milk Bust by J-Kookie Kaydenbust by J-Kookie E X C I T E D by J-Kookie

Halfbody 200 Points/$2
Fullbody 250 Points/$2
+Shaded 20 Points/$0.20
+Background 10 Points/$0.10
+Character 200Points/$2
Prices may vary depending on the complexity of your oc
Blakefullbody by J-Kookie Noiz by J-Kookie
Headshot 100Points/$0.75
Fullbody 150Points/$1.50
+Shaded 20 Points/$0.20
+Background 10 Points/$0.10
+Character 50Points/$0.50

300 Points/$3
+Shaded 20 Points/$0.20
+Character 200Points/$2
Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the scene
(old example)

Ref sheet:
Simple: 300Points/$3
Complex 1: 400Points/$4
Complex 2: 500:points:/$5
+Shaded 20 Points/$0.20
Prices may vary depending on the complexity of your oc 
. by J-Kookie

Emofuri Animations:
1000 Points/$10
+Shaded 50 Points/$0.50
+Background 10 Points/$0.10
Prices may vary depending on the complexity of your oc
Comes with 1x Large Animated Image, 1x 150x150px Animated Image, 1x Still Image
Milk Emofuri by J-Kookie Kayden Emofuri by J-Kookie


*Will properly scan these when they're done for commissions, these are just pics taken on my phone*
Will be colored if you'd like!


50 Points/$0.50
+Character 40Points/$0.40
For now I mostly do these facing forwards but I can try doing other directions
Img 20160516 194940 by J-Kookie Milk WIP by J-Kookie Img 20160322 223941 by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie


100 Points/$2
+Character 75Points/$0.75
Prices may vary depending on the complexity of your oc
(sonic ones are really old examples)
R A W R By J Kookie-d9xjjzo by J-Kookie Img 20160326 201111 by J-Kookie Img 20160320 125507 by J-Kookie Img 20160315 205936 by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie Tao The Panda by J-Kookie Hunhan by J-Kookie
Headshot 50Points/$0.50
Fullbody 75Points/$0.75
+Character 25Points/$0.25
Img-20160604-wa0001 by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie Img 20160311 210308 by J-Kookie 14579881393681559808840 by J-Kookie


100-1000 Points/$1-$10
Custom made on a base of your choice or in my art style.
Price depends on complexity
Season Doge Adopts OTA 2/4 Open *lowered price* by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie<da:thumb id="605025949"/> Adopt Batch OTA 3/6 OPEN *lowered price* by J-Kookie JungkookDesign by J-Kookie

Pixels, Icons & Sprites


Mini Pixels
. by J-Kookie2 by J-Kookie. by J-KookieOliPixel by J-KookieAoPixel by J-KookieDarylPixel by J-KookieErisPixel by J-KookieKaydenPixel by J-KookieLunaPixel by J-KookieMokuPixel by J-KookieNoizPixel by J-KookieBrooksPixel by J-KookieCaliPixel by J-KookieDaniPixel by J-KookieDeimosPixel by J-KookieDuskPixel by J-KookieHarleyPixel by J-KookieHiroPixel by J-KookieKidPixel by J-KookieKeithPixel by J-KookieLuhanPixel by J-KookieMilkPixel by J-KookieOliverPixel by J-KookieRyderPixel by J-KookieTotoPixel by J-KookieYamuPixel by J-KookieAzulPixel by J-KookieUnicornPixel by J-KookieSquishyPixel by J-KookiePinkiePixel by J-KookieAcePixel by J-KookieHaruhiPixel by J-KookieRikuPixel by J-KookieMioPixel by J-KookieCourierPixel by J-KookieCourierPixel1 by J-KookieCourierPixel2 by J-KookieCourierPixel3 by J-KookieCourierPixel4 by J-KookieKusoPixel by J-KookieBlankPixel by J-KookieMarlinPixel by J-KookieGeovanniPixel by J-KookieMarniePixel by J-KookieReesePixel by J-KookieHaydenPixel by J-KookieVennPixel by J-KookieHuskiies1Pixel by J-KookieHuskiies2Pixel by J-KookieHuskiies3Pixel by J-Kookie. by J-Kookie. by J-Kookie. by J-Kookie Boof1Pixel by J-Kookie Boof2Pixel by J-KookieLouisonPixel by J-Kookie CamillePixel by J-Kookie LenaPixel by J-KookieAstronpixel by J-KookieCharmingCherryPixel by J-KookieScorchingTorchPixel by J-Kookie TheDevil'sPetPixel by J-KookieGrey by J-KookieWhite by J-Kookieegg by J-KookieBusterPixel by J-KookieArinPixel by J-KookieLokiPixel by J-KookieAydenPixel by J-Kookie MorganPixel by J-Kookie JennyPixel by J-Kookie VilbiePixel by J-Kookie TelePixel by J-Kookie JackPixel by J-Kookieegg by J-Kookie SaiPixel by J-Kookie RoryPixel by J-Kookie LoljaPixel by J-Kookie FilterPixel by J-Kookie KitaPixel by J-Kookie HubertPixel by J-Kookie WillPixel by J-KookieSkunkdogPixel by J-KookieElliePixel by J-KookieOpalPixel by J-KookieCassPixel by J-KookieCharityPixel by J-KookieJungkookPixel by J-Kookie DexterPixel by J-Kookie LynxenPixel by J-Kookie KatearaPixel by J-Kookie LordMachinePixel by J-Kookie McKinleyPixel by J-Kookie SaintAntonyPixel by J-KookieCardemonPixel by J-Kookie RaelPixel by J-Kookie ClairePixel by J-Kookie RileyPixel by J-KookieAriPixel by J-KookieAbigailPixel by J-KookieHellPixel by J-Kookie CodyPixel by J-Kookie JakePixel by J-Kookie JunPixel by J-Kookie FinnianPixel by J-Kookie RavenPixel by J-Kookie WinterPixel by J-Kookie NochiPixel by J-Kookie VictorPixel by J-Kookie MiikiPixel by J-Kookie Kellinpixel by J-Kookie Eun by J-KookieMink by J-KookieNoiz by J-Kookie Aoba by J-Kookie Koujaku by J-Kookie Clear by J-KookieShishimato by J-KookieTatsmato by J-KookieKekemato by J-KookieKekemato (revealed) by J-KookieJokomato by J-KookieDadamato by J-KookieTotomato by J-Kookie
Animated by J-Kookie. by J-Kookie. by J-Kookie. by J-Kookie. by J-Kookie. by J-Kookie. by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie. by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie. by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie. by J-Kookie. by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie . by J-Kookie
+Animated 10:points:/$0.10
Mini pixel of your oc or an object of your choice.
Price may vary depending on complexity.

Pixel RPG Box

+Extra Animation 50:points:/
Price may vary depending on complexity.
*Buy 2 get one free*


Pixel Icon
Is this the sound of the rain? by J-Kookie

Price varies on complexity of character.

+Animation 10 Points/$0.10
<da:thumb id="537808529"/><da:thumb id="537808534"/><da:thumb id="539598133"/><da:thumb id="585265614"/><da:thumb id="589943449"/><da:thumb id="589943685"/>
Pokemon and Animals availible!


+Animation 10 Points/$0.10
Sprite of your pokemon oc in the official pokemon sprite style.
<da:thumb id="526412039"/><da:thumb id="526499353"/> Sebastian by J-KookieOsiris Sprite by J-Kookie

Pc Box Sprite:
+Animation 10 Points/$0.10
Sprite of your pokemon oc in the official pokemon pc box sprite style.
Zorro PC Box Sprite by J-Kookie Puruglypcbox by J-Kookie<da:thumb id="527246560"/>
Pokemon Trozei/Shuffle:
+Animation 10 Points/$0.10
Icon of your pokemon oc in the official pokemon Trozei/Shuffle style.
Kellin Shuffle/Trozei by J-Kookie<da:thumb id="527897932"/><da:thumb id="533000281"/>

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:
Single 50Points/$0.50
Expression Board 100Points/$1
Icon of your pokemon oc in the official pokemon mystery dungeon style.
Branch Pokemon Mystery Dungeon by J-Kookie<da:thumb id="532834443"/>

Pokemon Couple:
+Animation 10 Points/$0.10
Couple icon of your pokemon ocs in the official pokemon pc box style.
<da:thumb id="526490921"/><da:thumb id="532836245"/>

Fakemon sprites:
Sprite of your fakemon oc.
Price may vary depending on complexity.
<da:thumb id="544942087"/>
Pokefusion Sprites
Fusion of two pokemon of your choice.
Torneevee by J-Kookie Grogonsprite by J-Kookie<da:thumb id="543973441"/>


Book Covers
100 Points/$1
Rsz Delicious by J-Kookie Maddison by J-Kookie<da:thumb id="589066907"/>

Channel Art
100 Points/$1
Pldchannelart by J-KookieYukaplayzchannelart by J-KookieFtilpreview by J-Kookie

100 Points/$1
Redcollage by J-KookieOrangeCollage by J-KookieYellowcollage by J-KookieGreencollage by J-KookieBluecollage by J-KookiePurplecollage by J-KookiePinkcollage by J-Kookie

Logos & Watermarks
50-100 Points/$0.50-$1
Pd by J-Kookie Logo1 by J-Kookie Kookiecases2 by J-Kookie

Gallery Icons
10 Points/$0.10
Forme by J-Kookie Foryou by J-Kookie<da:thumb id="589949397"/><da:thumb id="589949429"/><da:thumb id="589949450"/> Fursona by J-Kookie My Characters by J-Kookie Yours by J-Kookie Damion by J-Kookie Pierce by J-Kookie
Points/$0.05 per frame
Better examples to come
<da:thumb id="592462744"/><da:thumb id="597567752"/> Jack Stamp by J-Kookie Damion Stamp by J-Kookie

Thanks for considering commissioning me ^u^