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The Last Redoubt

Click to zoom in. It's a big image to explore.

I love this novella and had to start drawing. This is a repaint of this painting . I wasn't happy with the sense of scale for the last one.

The story takes place millions of years into mankind's future, long after the sun goes dark. Humanity lives in a seven mile high tower called The Last Redoubt, besieged there by the countless monsters, giants, behemoths, and unnamed horrors that lurk in the night. Travel outside the redoubt is almost always a death sentence; anyone doing so is either a fool or a hero
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The lines of light give some indication of the sheer size of the Redoubt. THE NIGHT LAND is the record of one such hero in a quest for his love who lives in the Lesser Redoubt...

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is that a Pyramid? 
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Why there is not a movie or videogame of this book?! Dx
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That is beautiful!
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amazingly done, almost like i imagined it in the books. Have you read the original story? or the retelling, both are very good.
grats on the great work
One of my favorite novels, the only thing holding it back was the insane levels of misogyny that suddenly popped up in the middle.

A great image. 
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thats gigantic! I like the fine details on this building.
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This picture looks cool. It has a great atmosphere, with the darkness and the big glowing pyramid at the horizon. I want to have it as a wallpaper! :D
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I like the concept of Humanity living on after the sun has gone out, but this is indeed billions of years into the future unless there has been some acceleration. The shape of the tower is really nice since it's a bit modernized, but at the same time quite alien. I think is is a contemporary take on William Hodgeson's original plot and setting. For a science fiction setting it has a lot of fantasy elements. 

I wonder though, why a pyramid? What's the symbolism with that? There have been many pyramid-like shapes that have been throughout Human history though. 

I also like the volcanic aspect of the land which was part of the original story as well, but I think though there would be many more stars since the sun has gone out and that there would be nothing to get in the way of all that light! 

I wonder what Humanity would look like to adapt to such a society, especially those that may live outside the Redoubt. 

Excellent work! 
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The pyramid would be the sturdiest structure. Center of gravity too low to allow collapse,

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For future readers that come across these comments. The book was written in the early 1900's shortly after astronomists, don't recall specific names, released research suggesting that the Sun would die out in millions of years. The science has obviously advanced and we now know it's billions, not millions.

Additional side note, the Sun isn't the only star that had gone out in the setting of the story this piece is based on, which is why there aren't any stars in this awesome illustration.
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I'm not sure what, if any, symbolism exists with that form.
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Hmm... I would think perhaps the author had some reason designing that building the way it was. After looking into it, I believe it was a structural one since each level of the Redoubt has a city in it. 
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Fascinating image! Makes it really hard to not want to look deeper into the story!
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it's so nice when you randomly find some the night land artwork

i really wish bethesda make a rpg about that book
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I'd play it. No question.
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crazy amazing lighting! love it!
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