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April 18, 2012
Arbor City by ~Vonmurder brings a whole new meaning to "treehouse". Simply magical and inviting.
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Suspended City

For this environmental concept, my goal was to combine aspects of both fantasy and science fiction, to make an image at once mystical and futuristic. I came up with the idea of a tree city that was built not of lumber, but of old spaceship parts, scavenged from an ancient colony ship that crashed on an forest world filled with sequoia like trees. Due to a forest floor teaming with hostile creatures and gasses, the survivors were forced to live in the canopy, taking apart their irreparable vessel over the centuries to create a network of hanging gardens and structures.

In this image, people take a break from their work to witness the seasonal appearance of glowing creatures, which float around the forest as jellyfish float in the ocean.
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Reilune's avatar
My gawd this is perfect! I love your style!
Growlie26's avatar
That's awesome!
Sasujonedward's avatar
Recreated in 3D!!!:…
had so much fun working on it! this really is an awesome piece though! beautiful work
J-Humphries's avatar
Ah, it's done eh? Looks good!
Sasujonedward's avatar
Yes!! thank you so much! :D
sylvyfysh's avatar
That's a beautiful picture... :)

antoined73's avatar
aerroscape's avatar
fantastic concept- really great atmosphere!
Martokna's avatar
I want to live there
Jalexander28's avatar
This remind me Star Wars
demigodsonofapollo's avatar
Fresbee's avatar
Really impressive! I think you've reach your goal ! Good job and keep going ! :)
LadyKnightPounce83's avatar
amazing artwork and even more amazing story to go with the concept! Fantastic!
niartma's avatar
u R amazing...
Dragonknight575's avatar
id102's avatar
wonderful work
ArtTraveller77's avatar
Really nice, love the design.
Bolynn's avatar
Arlangs's avatar
speechles, its just outstanding
AllyQuake91's avatar
Awesome concept ^///^ I wish I could do concept art. This is really cool looking. I am jealous of your skills.
Insaneymaney's avatar
this is super sick looking!!!
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