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On the way to Niflheim

I was reading up on Norse Mythology, and I was inspired to paint Niflheim, which was the Norse version of Hell. It's described as being cold, dark, and misty. This undeworld is ruled by Hel, the merciless daughter of Loki, who appears as a beautiful woman from the waste up, but has only skeleton legs. If you were a viking, and you had the misfortune of not dying battle, but bed, you might end up here.

The cold blue fires are lit by the denizens of this realm, and frozen into the cliff is the corpse of a frost giant who displeased the cruel goddess.
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And once in Niflheim?
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Niflheim was actually the world of ice. Hel is the land of the dead, ruled by the goddess Hel.
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love love the blue flames and the additional giant hanging by the cliff. Aurora was a beautiful touch to this piece as well :)
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Love this peace
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This is great, I love this, captures the mood very well!
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Hell can't be this beautiful :D ! haha, VEry nicely done!!
mjallhvit28's avatar KindaTest said *a true picture*! well, ever since I can remember Norse Mythology is part of my life,
my Granddad told me stories about it, when I was a kid..later he teaches me all about it!
..BIG thanx to you for this Niflheim.. ..I tried to visualize so many times how it could be there! under a spell/charm now..
The first thought, when I saw your picture was, that it looks like if lots of souls living there in the blue fire,
to me it doesn't look cold at all..
Your picture is just fantastic..I love it! the way, the germanic mythology is the same as the norse mythology..
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Woaw! i'm a fan of northern myths and i just wanted to say that you juste paint the true picture of what i see when i read about it! that's amazing!
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See, and here I thought it was pretty! Good job. :)
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Outstanding piece, and I just saw the man on the cliff above the water! Well done.... :clap:
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Wow that's beautiful.

Sorry to be a nitpick, but the tales I've read, I'm from Denmark so I grew up with them, talk of Niflheim as the cold opposite to the fiery Muspelheim at the dawn of creation. Ginnungagap, the gap between the two, is where the world is made. The underworld ruled by Loki's daughter Hel is actually called Hel, so Hel rules Hel. That's where the word come from.
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I didn't know that, thanks.
Very cool. I love the ominous atmosphere that increases when you notice the giant corpse. Truly fantastic.

I have but one question. Where did you read about the Norse mythology? I have been keen to learn more about it myself.
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