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Motte and Bailey Castle

History lesson: Motte and Bailey castles were introduced to England in the tenth century by the Normans, (decedents of vikings who were given a section of France, and whose king, William the Conqueror, invaded England) and were simple and effective fortress designs. If you wanted to build one, you would make an earth mound with a wall and keep on the top. below, you'd have a small town surrounded by a wall. The entire fortress was surrounded by a mote, which was the first line of defense.

I've always wanted to paint one of these, so today, I have. Working from history is really fun, and I think more fantasy artists should draw their inspiration from the past.

The archer and yellow bow were inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The White Company, which is one of the most fun stories I've ever read.
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Great Artwork with a very cool atmosphere! maybe i can use it for an Pen and Paper RPG background story? :)

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I came across your picture ages ago, found it again by chance today! it was the inspiration for a school project for my eldest son many years ago! Cheers! :woohoo:

Sam 4660
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is this by any chance the precursor to the other Stone Motte and bailey you drew?
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I wasn't thinking that at the time, but it totally would make sense. 
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I have to say, I've been looking over all your art for past 15 minutes or so and it's just gorgeous! Your drawing of the fictional Kaiser(Not Wilhelm XD) was beautiful! I would love to see some more of that Great War Era art. And these castles you've drawn. As a student of history and a major fan of Medieval and Fantastical art I have to say, not only are they beautiful, but logical and functional as well! Anyway, I love your work, keep it up!
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Nice work! Very "Mythical-Feel" !!!
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Oh yeah, that's the stuff.
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Damit, clicked the button too early. So again, really great. Historic correct fantasy-free medieval painting. Just make sure you never come up with Charlton Hestons haircut from The War Lord. ;)
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I do enjoy a little history and culture in my art browsing :)
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Nice design - now I have a much better idea of what these are. They do look like they would be - relativly - quick to put up.
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Impressive design. Very good work on the scale and composition.
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Very nice. Indeed, fantasy rooted in history to me is the most attractive kind. Great depiction.
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