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Heart of Darkness

By J-Humphries
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Having just read Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, I was motivated to capture a sense of the oppressive heat and untameable wilderness that the book so effectively describes. Here's my effort. The book follows a maddening journey down an unnamed African river on a steam boat full of cannibals and "pilgrims." On different bends of the river, company men would come out of their outposts and watch the boat go by, seemingly trapped in their isolated stations.

The boat is modeled after the real life steamboat that Conrad worked on when he was a professional sailor. The basic shape was rendered in 3D and imported into photoshop, where I combined it with some new foliage painting techniques I'm working on.

Thanks for looking; enjoy!
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This is close to what I imagined while reading the book, which is one of my favourite books ever. Great job! :thumbsup:
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It Fits! I was able to listen to part of Audio Book version one evening at work ,{when XM/SIRIUS Sat Radio still had a Book channel],
That does show the heat & humidity
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A friend of mine was reading Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim, which made me do a search and this awesome painting came up. You capture the beauty and danger of Africa.
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Never have I ever expected to see Heart of Darkness fanart on this website. I salute you.
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I like that you made the rivets prominent.
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Very nice. Getting inspired. Story important . Mark twain.
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looks like a scene from some oldschool adventure game, nice
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I've been trying my hardest to find this book so I can read it.
But from this pic, I can tell I won't be disappointed by its contents.
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You've captured the river itself perfectly to how i imagined. The steamboat too (I remember researching the boat Conrad used back when he was in the congo). Awesome work :D
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i should give that book a read, ja :> looks very nice, makes me happy for some reason :iconisayplz: BRAVO!
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beautifully rendered! :D

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This is awesome. For a more oppressive feel, I might go with some slightly warmer color tones, and some haze, like the sunlight is diffusing into thick water vapor (not that I could do anything this awesome though...). What is your foliage technique? It looks great!
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I'm having flashbacks to college reading assignments.
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Looks awesome.
Reminds me also of the movie Greystoke with Christoper Lambert: [link]
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:onfire: ... great work!
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Most excellent the blend of 3d and 2d is quite well done
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Those little details and the realistic structure (and great lighting) of the man-made things are what really brings this image (and really most of your images) forward, very well done there!

I feel the greenery could do with some more "life" though - whereas I understand you might aim for an oppressive feel here, I imagine some subtle in-mixing of some more unexpected hues like purple and turquose into the forest canopy would do a lot to make it even more striking. Just an idea.

Anyway, very good job on this!
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Great pic. Love the green.
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