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Fenris Wolf

Zoooom in. It's wallpaper sized. 

The Fenris Wolf has broken free from the bonds that held him for eons, and is padding his way to the battle of Ragnarok. There, he will swallow Odin with one snap of his flaming teeth. 
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This Section of the Nordic Mythology is my favorite. I love the Fenris wolf, The World Serpent and Hel and how they are ..."Connected(? Can I say that so?) to the end of the World. I love the picture, especially that the World Serpent is visible in the Background.
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Your other artworks says the Serpent swallows Odin ._.
Oh, wow! Truly beautiful and majestic, I love it so much!
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The Ragnarok is finally here!.
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I think I just saw a big bad wolf; awesome art work, congratulations! Clap :o (Eek) Waaaah! omfg 
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Woooow! Amazing!
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I will never stop telling you your art is pure beauty.
Fabulous work!
I pretty much like the colors and that little houses on the right.
Don't have any more words, so perfect!
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I see the World Serpent like "hey bro, daddy will be proud"
God that´s awesome! :D
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Fantastic painting!
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Bad doggie!
No biscuits for you!
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Great picture! He looks so powerful!
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I love the contrast of the flaming teeth with the cold blue mood. Amazing work!
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Awesome work!
I love that you can see Jormungandr slithering around in the background, and that is a gorgeous rendition of Fenrir.
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Uh...nice doggie?
Forget it, we're screwed.
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...and then comes a little girl, looks at him with the stern gaze only children can produce and says: SIT!
Well, at least my niece can control the families doberman like that. Among the first things she learned were the hand signs to command the dog.

I doubt that that'll work here, though. As far as I remember my little bit of norse myths there's no little girl to control him. Or even a family owning Fenris...
Cool work anyhow!
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It's a really great town to live in. The scenery is really beautiful. But the whole "battling mythological Norse creatures" really lowers the property value.
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God the epicness of this picture speak volumes of the event Ragnarok and what it brings.
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If I saw a giant wolf outside my cabin I'd fucking run!
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