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zatanna -new year card

This is the new year card I used on myspace.
Submit it here, because I can put a bigger size without being beated my users heh :lol:
used zatanna because >magic> special effet >etc....and because you already know it, I like to draw this character.

"but hey; you holly basta** why have you posted a black & white stuff?"
" I used this for myspace, but planned to colors for deviant art. But I actually think the color one sucks; so, B&W for everyone folks !"
"damned you su**"
" btw, if i'm not too lazy on this one, maybe i'll put the colors vers by the end of the month"
"pff; you still su**"

If you think I deserve death for not dropping colors right now, push "1" , if you think it's ok, but not for long ; push "2"; if you love me and think I can rules the world right now (no link ok; i know) push"3"

see ya, ';py 'ny 'ear

Zatanna is ©DC comics
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I can see Alessandra Ambrosio in almost all Zatannas you draw. Do you use the same reference for Zatanna so the character remains always similar or you use Alessandra in other characters too? :)
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No, She is my model for Zatanna's face only. Sometimes I don't need her because I start to know her face by heart,(and In convention I'm not going to use reference :lol:) but In general once my drawing is done; I fix the face by using reference; to be sure the character keep a particular face.
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Awesome. You do a great job drawing her face. I like to draw her myself, but I find it difficult to draw that much variety of angles. Either way, models are usually a great set for anatomy reference.
I love what you do with it!
I'll be following your work! :)
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Well OF course in comics page you can't always refer to a model because it would means that you got every angle and expression of your model, which is hard in general.

But for cover and pin-up where angles and expressions are more classicals it's easier.

Also; I always choose models with particular face; where you can easily name particular points, which is mean, in case you don't have your model for reference you can always try to make your drawing close to it, just by remembering what make the face special.Like that you can always distinct face in your stuff !

For Ambrosio for example, her eyes shape are very special, and her lips are very particular curves.
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yup. ^^
For me, Alessandra's a bit easier to draw than other models because of her uniqueness. She has a very distinct and exotic face.

I tried using Candice Swanepoel for reference but I find her face rather dificult to draw because of her more generic(although still very beautiful) face structure. Usually I use her for body & anatomy references because of her unique body shape.

What other people do you use as reference and practice? :)
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I generally keep their identity for myself ;)
But my model for wonder woman is easy to recognize .
For A time adrianna lima was my model for Donna Troy; but I finally went for megan fox.

For some other characters, I sometime use a mix between several models to achieve particular face; then I can't really credit a particular girl :lol:
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Good strategy, I mean mixing references! ^^

Yeah, I can see Megan Fox there!
I think you made a wise choice switching references in this case. :)
Megan Fox has a more imposing face. Adriana's cuter and softer.

You inspired me to try some references for pratice. I don't draw as good as you, but I'll try something out and hope for the best! ;)
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Thanks !
Reference are always a good stuff. It will bring you new ideas and anatomical stuff you would have not do in general :)
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Lovely. Looks like Alessandra.
J-Estacado's avatar
It's generally my model for that character indeed :)
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For a magical start of the new year...
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Zatanna? From the Books of Magic?
J-Estacado's avatar
well; if the pic is called zatanna; i guess that's her :D
dunno what's the "Books of Magic" however. it's the zatanna from DC in fact.
Lyoko-fan's avatar
Yep. It's the Zatanna I know. Books of Magic was made by the DC team.
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I agree with you, Zatanna is also one of my fav's to draw. Lately I've been drawing Tinkerbell. Last year it was Jessica rabbit, I wonder what 2009 will bring?
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this is one of the most beautiful Zatanna's I've seen on DA.
J-Estacado's avatar
thanks ! means a lot for me ; as it's one of the chracter I like to draw the most !

I faved one of you donnay troy a few month ago if i'm not wrong about you :D
well in fact I like all the donna you've done, they are pretty cool !
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je trouve qu'elle ressemble un peu à angelina jolie là dessus... m'enfin c'est ptet la grande bouche qui veut ça
J-Estacado's avatar
oui parceque je n'aime pas c'te meuf :/ donc je m'en servirais pas comme modele !
DeSi-PriNcE's avatar
alessandra ambrosio ehh :D ...awesome...luvin the hair!!
J-Estacado's avatar
oh man ; i love when people recognize the original model 0-o :D
always thought she could perfectly suit the character , as if the colors of hair and eyes are really different :)
RSMRonda's avatar
That's so cool :D I love her expression the most. It's so full of life you'd think she was alive on the screen.
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