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Please add my facebook page for news, recent informations wip and other stuff :

It's the finished version of a pic I've done for the French website "comicverse" !

Some pics were requested for Christmas and the New year; so I've tried to provide one, even if December was an extremly busy month for me, so yeah; I couldn't really finish that one by the time, but It was ok however, the final pic is not that different; just added some FX and stuff here and there (like the chain) :D

I don't remember where I found the corset.... I think it was on D.A; in "artisan craft" ,,but I searched for 20 pages,but can't found it back, so maybe that was elsewhere ?
... well, when I had to paint this one.I was going to do the classical black leather stuff, and remembered I had a cool corset in ref somewhere, then ; Used it as reference (and YES ; I've painted it, it's not a photo , thanks ! ).
I'm just bored that all the texture and shades I make on the flowers patttern completly disapeared once the pic was set on 1000 px. high. gee..... -_-'

(and YES, I will continue drawing Zatanna until you can found one of mine in the first page of the D.A "search " directory !!!!! :lol: YAHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!! )

Drawing on a4 basic paper
inked with brushes and mechanical pens.
Colors w/photoshop 7.0

zatanna is © DC comics

Happy new year !!!
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Wow!! (The tongue twister is just cool!)
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I female magican sure was beauiful. ;) Well done! :)
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Belle image ! Bon travail ! Félicitations !
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Krow ecin!  Tesroc eht no liated eht evol yllear.  
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wow, love the corset!!:love:
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Great art. Can I give a request?
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excellent cooring!
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Had to comment! This is nice!
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You used an Alessandra Ambrosio reference for this one didn't you? :)
It's just like her! ^^
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As always. face only.
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Sexy and beatfuil work on her
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I notice that when you make something, it looks like the same image when you flip it in photoshop. I hate it when I draw something, it looks great, but then when I look at it on the back and have light behind it, it looks like a completely different picture. I'm like "what the hell?" I know that it's a structure problem, but whenever I try to fix it, it ruins the image in the front, and then it destroys the paper to the point where if you make one more stroke, it rips.

So how you do it? I'm asking you because you are dynamite when it comes to drawing. Any advice?
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You used the classical tip that let you know if your drawing is correct or not :lol:

Not all my drawing works in the opposite side :lol: but I assume that not everyone is going to flip back my pics on photoshop :lol:

If you really got a problem, and are fed up to destroy your paper ; you can still scan your work on photoshop (or other software) , flip it to the opposite side and try to re-arrange what's wrong. then flip it again to his original side, and make the correction on you original drawing.

The best solution remains that you find what's wrong by yourself when you llok your drawing from the back. just keep looking at it and find what's wrong.Classical problems are forehead or eyes placement. see what's wrong and make the corrections !
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Most of the time it is the head and eyes, anything else happens rarely. I find out this technique very early in the year. Then it rocked my world. I guess I can start putting measurements and lines on my drawings, then that way my drawings won't be "squashed" on one side.
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Hello, Cedric! I just fell in love with this gorgeous work!!! I wanna ask you to let me use it as the reference for my pencil drawing (you know, I`m not that good as you do :blushes:). Regards, Lanka :wave:
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