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Zatanna,one more -again


Please add my facebook page for news, recent informations wip and other stuff :…

Edit : 03 10 2013: Mostly reworked her face. Added some reflected lights too :)

In December 30, 2009 , on a previous Zatanna pic, I said:

(and YES, I will continue drawing Zatanna until you can found one of mine in the first page of the D.A "search " directory !!!!! YAHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!! )

Still nothing on page one; so HERE WE GO AGAIIIIiinnn !!!!! :lol:

Well; Ok it's a 2 year old pic that I colored recently :rofl:
not that much to tell about.
I think one or two more pics of her and I'll have make the turn of the character :/
time to slow.
(I've found some 2/3 new fetish characters, so that's gonna help )

you can find the tutorial for this pic here !


TOOLS Drawing on a4 basic paper
-inked with brushes and mechanical pens.
Colors w/photoshop 7.0
zatanna is © DC comics
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Zatanna in High Heeled BOOTS ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

A fantastic work.
Justa-Watcher49's avatar
You can never have too many Zantanna drawings!
J-Estacado's avatar
but hell if I already did a huge bunch of these :lol:
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Gorgeous to the infinite power!!!! :D
mpz28's avatar
very nice & nicely done Love 
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*Like the show*

not "Liked...'
J-Estacado's avatar
Hum, I'm refering to something that is finished; so isn't it "liked" ?
SeanE's avatar
No, Because she's asking a question even though the question implies the past tense... Effectively what you're actually asking is "Did you like the show?" and 'Did you liked the show' doesn't make sense.

'Like the show?' is correct
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oh ok; I'll try do edit that right now.
thanks for the correction, appreciated !
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Je sais pas pour le show mais en tous cas j'ai bien aimé le dessin:-D.
J-Estacado's avatar
oui tu arrives un peu tard, le spectacle est fini depuis un bail :)
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Never get tired of seein' Zee :D
BrenGun's avatar
wow great work!!!
Atalatuma's avatar
I already liked it on your FB page, but another praise doesn't hurt. :thumbup:
very sexy Zatanna
DDeal12's avatar
Did i like the show? Heck yeah. :+fav:
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New fetish chars ? Which ones ? =D
J-Estacado's avatar
Cette image ayant été posté il y'a plus d'un ans, à toi d'en faire la conclusion !
Sasha1378's avatar
Aaaah ok... Je pensais que le texte correspondait à cette update >.>
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