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Zatanna- A R T N O U V E A U


hye folks !
well; ok I'm going to be a bit more quiet with drawing this character heh ( to say all I haven't other drawing featuring her; so not too hard to respect my words :lol: )

Supposed to submit a power girl art nouveau stuff; but thought it was not enought cool to be here. and decided to put something else.

So; scanned this piece and colored it. For once i'm able to tell you how many time it tooks :
starter it at 21h30 , finished at 23h30 (on the same day , yes :D ) you do the math :D

Heh; no much more to say this time !

drawing and inks on 300 gr ; bristol paper.
colors on photoshop 7.0 + watercolors texture added.

see ya !

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KalEl8547's avatar
Very beautiful portrayal of one of my favorite DC characters. Great job!
Dxt85's avatar
Great work! Beautiful
Tafuri42's avatar
Where is the rabbit? haha
AngelAzula15's avatar
...I'm gonna end up adding all your Zatanna pics to my favorites. I just now it lol. :happybounce:
J-Estacado's avatar
I wouldn't mind at all !! :rofl:
Shulkie's avatar
Very beautiful and seductive. I love it her pose and smile. Great booty shot, too:heart:
J-Estacado's avatar
Ah, your comment on this piece makes me think I did a -small- edit of this picture, but never posted it yet :lol:
Shulkie's avatar
Would look forward to any of your heroine pics:heart:
luishadowx's avatar
ur just friggin awesome
ISignRob's avatar
Wow I loved it!
Warm colours, killer look, great smile...*fall apart*

I always is that possible to draw such a thing so fast!? I mean...It's been almost a week that I'm drawing a single something on Photoshop! You guys aastound me lol

Instant +fav!! =D
J-Estacado's avatar
the drawing is made with my hand; not photoshop !
and if you talked more about coloring on photoshop... well; it's just a question of being used to this stuff :D
ISignRob's avatar
Yes I talked about colouring it, that means I have a looong way to get used to this lol
shadowyzman's avatar
You sure make her look hot
J-Estacado's avatar
It's hard to do bad job with zatanna; expect if you keep the bang in her hair, that's the mistake :lol:
shadowyzman's avatar
hehehe i'll try that
DeadDog2007's avatar
always love seeing new zatanna art from you my friend! she beautiful. love the pose. and your colors are outstanding
J-Estacado's avatar
this is nearly a one year deviation in fact; I just edited it with a new version, erasing mistakes from the old one :D
robokop's avatar
J-Estacado's avatar
that's cool I had already have a comment from you on this one before the edited version :lol:
robokop's avatar
Yeah - I know... but you get many so I thought that maybe you will not notice.. ;) :D
J-Estacado's avatar
or maybe you didn't remembered about this pic,thought it was a new one, and then forgot that you already posted something on it !!!
:lol: :D :rofl:
robokop's avatar
A no... when I saw it - I knew I have seen it before. :)
J-Estacado's avatar
:lol: my apologize then :lol:
robokop's avatar
:giggle: No problemo! :)
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