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Zatanna 2

An other pin-up done for my portfolio, destinated to be show at the San Diego comicon !

Just a featuring with Zatanna.
I think the pose came from an anatomy book; i'm not so sure. I just found an old skecth with this , and decided to made a new version by changing the character!

Here you have the "non-definitive version".
This work was done in one day, because, the early yesterday I had the idea of this, and the problem was I had to print all my work the day after. :lol:
I always got idea when it's too late :rofl:

So once this picture was printed I finished to work directly on it :D
Maybe I will made an update, once I will have scanned it !

For the style... it's an other experiment with a bit of Alphonse Mucha' style.
I didn't going too far with it however; simply because It was Mucha style, not mine; no need more clone hey, as already maaaaaaaaaaany people use this style; featured in what we call "art nouveau".

I invite you to do a lottle search on the net for Alphonse Mucha work; if you don't know it !

others :

Zatanna is ©DC comics
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This is indeed a great picture but you lose the dynamic of it by not showing her face =/
Poetic-Stitches's avatar

Love her pose and the composition of the piece. Very pretty :love:
Awesome! I drew a Zatanna sketch in my own Impulsive Comics style, which I'm gonna post up soon. I like the piece a lot!
lotus73's avatar
I cant enough of your brilliant work!!!
J-Estacado's avatar
oh just noticed that was a comment on THIS one :lol: drawing too much zatanna make me forget about which one people commenting :lol:
Now I look back on this stuff I see all the mistakes and .... :lol: too much mistakes. But actually it was the first time I used art nouveau in a definitive pic; so yeah.... I does be "historical" to me Heh :D
J-Estacado's avatar
:D thanks !
But I fear that actually I will not be able to update my galery for a little while :/
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Well either way, your Zatanna is great. Im thinking of sketching her soon. Keep up the great work! Its inspiring to me :D
brilliant piece. Love the work!!
theEyZmaster's avatar
beautiful work!!
i really like this visual, well done ;)
AmethystAsphyxiation's avatar
Super cute!

Sigh dude I'm perpetually in love with all your work... you must be some damn good art student judging by all this.

*Looked up Alphonse Mucha.. and I recognize the stuff.. and I have to say that's a pretty cool modern take on his style, plus I love the incorporated Z!
J-Estacado's avatar
gee; the problem when I see "comment on zatanna" is that I never remember which one its talking about :lol:
so ok it's the 1st art nouveay trying here.

NO, I wasn't a great art student; I'm always against people who don't let you express what you want on pic, so in art school it happens sometimes.
Most of my good work where done for myself; I thinks I have posted 3 work done on at school here, no more :lol:

Mucha had understood all before everyone, i'm jealous :lol:
thevampiredio's avatar
man she is hot!!!:XD: my fav girl in JLA!
HinoNeko's avatar
You've been HIT! D:

. . . by the FEATURE BUS! :[)

ChazKemp's avatar
I like it - I've always loved the character & I love your work. I especially like the leaves in the background too - VERY nice stuff. :) Thanks for sharing!
J-Estacado's avatar
art nouveau fan as I see :)
thanks for leaving a comment on this piece!
NitroVTesta's avatar
nice!! i love the pose!!
aqullion's avatar
WOW well colore,d awsome pose.. keep doing this awsome art dear.
J-Estacado's avatar
I'm gonna try I guess :rofl:
thanks for comment and fav anyway :D
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I really really like this. The fact that you've approached pin-up style for one, and the fact that it differs from some of your usual work yet still retains you're specific touch makes me very happy.

It's something that's new, in seeing from you. You should seriously consider trying your hand at some more pin-up work in the future. :)
J-Estacado's avatar
well;when I talk about pin-up's more in the "splash page" sense than in the "featuring a girl in a pose" in fact ; so i'm not sure what sense you think about here :D

however, i'm curious, when you said that it differ for my other prod, in which way you see that ?
TheJFan's avatar
I think it has more to do with the tone of the colors used in shading. It's a little different, or at least it seems a little different to me. I really like it. :)
AgentC-24's avatar
Awesoem job! :) Looks great and nice colors too. :highfive: Well done!
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