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Please add my facebook page for news, recent informations wip and other stuff :

EDIT 03 10 2013 : Redo ALL the fishnet, and hell if it's a nightmare, and the background as well. Some minor color correction, and i've added some texturing to "age" the pic a little :)

For the little story, this pics was drawn on a HUGE piece of paper, and "just" weight 200 M.o on the computer, which is kinda funny when you think that the final goal of this pic was to be an ex-libris ( = then very small).

It was supposed to be a giveaway stuff for people buying my sketchbook ( j-estacado.deviantart.com/jour… ) but the pic was on my HDD , waiting to me more polished :/

I might add this ex-libris with the sketchbooks now, as I'm not doing the headsketch / torso sketch anymore . So it might compensate, in a way this previous offer.

I might review a bit the background detail tho, as I'm not too satisfied with this :)

As always ,Comments and CONSTRUCTIVES critiques are welcome, but I don't give a damn f*** about your aesthetic tastes however.
so in case, please save your time (and mine) by switching to a other picture/deviant.
If you watch me, it's generally that you know what to expect.

The original line is here>

Other ZEE:
Previous close-up

For your enticement:

-pencils and inks on 71 x 29 cm / 27,9 x 11,42"
-drawing & colors w/photoshop 7.0 + wacom.

Zatanna is © DC comics
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Love Zatanna. The heels look fine to me.😄