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Please add my facebook page for news, recent informations wip and other stuff :…

EDIT 29 09 2013 : Completly reworked her face,(shad, lines, make-up, hard lights) and her hair (blacker than before) Also cleaned the whole pic.

Since it's not an edit but a real remake, ( new drawing, new inks, new colors, new FX) I submit this pic as a new one :)
The old one still belong to my personnal favorite tho, but I needed to do a remake more linked to my actual art style & skill obviously
Hope you'll enjoy the new one !

I KNOW the angle of the leg is VERY VERY VERY hard to achieve. But relax people, it's just a drawing, not real life; sometime we accentuate thing for more dynamic and depth ;)



- Drawing and inks on A3 bristol board
-colors on photoshop 7.0

Zatanna © DC
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© 2012 - 2022 J-Estacado
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Absolutely love this one.
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Awesome! I'm a big fan of Zatanna!
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There's no need to hide it, you really master the Zatanna character! It's always a great pleasure to see a new version of her made by you!
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To use an overworked phrase...WOW!

I have loved all the Zatanna works you have ever done, but you have bested yourself on this one.  The freckles you added simply knock me out!
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Great job on the leg angle and the freckles on her face is a refreshing touch to Zee. Gorgeous coloring and shading work. Vibrant colors yet soft in tone. Looks very retro in appeal. Awesome job:love:
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Wow. Four years truly is an eon in art time for you, huh? And I still say that you draw Zee better than any other character. Amazing... :)
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let's says more things has been settled in my art direction, what I want to express, what I want people to see, and what I think can be shown... a mix of all sorts :)
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elle est vraiment superbe!!! j'aime beaucoup son visage!!! :D
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Like I said on your FB page, both are fantastic. The 2nd is more... Zatanna, but the expression/look on the face of the original version, has a certain charm (no pun intended) that I can't define with words. Great job as always.
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Personellement, j'adore les 2 versions de cette image :heart:
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mmm! my favorite zatanna to date! love that ass ;D
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Great job on this remake. On its own merit, this is a great piece, but it's really the fact that it showcases exactly how much you've improved over the past four years that makes so cool. From the anatomy to the background to the special effects, it's easy to see that you're much more comfortable with your technique and direction now. It just seems like you were willing to do more this time around, and it all creates a stronger sense of depth and dazzle.

Great idea and even better execution. Awesome work! :)
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thank, It's cool you feel it like that, because this is what I wanted to show :)
The original one might have a more "common" body type, but since I did more pn-up/ erotic thing over the years; my art took a slightly different direction. Also, yes; the new one have the missing depth and movement that the original had a lack of :)
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Really sexy pic!
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very beautiful and sexy
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Now THAT is a good remake. :clap:
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