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ZATANNA statue -fake-

( "lol" )

You "can't" really redesign Zee, as she wears magician stuff, so that can be mostly eveything you want. I can't really say she has a particular stuff... except the fishnets :D

Since I add nothing more to add from the previous description with Ivy, here is a scandalous copy/paste of the that previous one.

-for complaining , please reach


Well this was moslty done as a model sheet for me, as since 3 pics I definitly changed Ivy design to make something of my own.
As I don't always remember How I draw her from A to Z; I did this to have a full model to refer, when I'll have to draw her again.

I also did that as if it was a collectible, a statue ... and did it the way I would like to see her !

I've never been good enought at sculpting or modeling stuff, even after 4 years doing that, I never completly managed to realize what I had in mind ; so Unfortunalty I haven't the abilities to make my wish come true, Oh sad ! :rofl:

It was LOTS OF fun doing everything around that art, packaging, design.... etc,etc,etc...
I know most of you won't be interested by this picture, but; hell; you can still fav' my previous pic ;)


Previous: Ivy

Other ZEE:
(no I don't like this character at all, what makes you think the opposite ? XD )


pencils and inks on A3
colors w/photoshop 7.0 + wacom.
Zatanna is © DC comics
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this was awesome
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MY GOD!!!!!!This is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!:icondroolplz::wow::iconwowplz:
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God damn DC, make this into a reality already!!!
danis58's avatar
It's definetely one of the best Zee pics I've seen!

Awesome work again
matthew-lane's avatar
So where can i get one of these? Is it available in one of the 52 other universes?
J-Estacado's avatar
Unfortunatly : NO :/ (or I'm not aware of this :lol: )
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id buy that ^_^
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Very nicely done.
Shulkie's avatar
I would definitely buy one of these if they were real:love:
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I just noticed that I really love the distorted reflection inside of the Zatanna box! Did you take a real photograph and fit it in to look like the plastic case? It's really classy the way it is done! =)
J-Estacado's avatar
Oh yeah the box is a way too much pixelized photo of.... hum... I think It was a "Halo" figurine.
I just kept the basic shape and light source; but I had to rework the whole reflections over the "statue" to make it look like kinda real :)
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Super cool!

I love this one just as much as the Ivy one! Great work!
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this is the awesomest piece for a statue i have ever seen... i'd love it even bette with her tophat asthe base! DC should really hire you....and give you a raise before you even start!!!!
J-Estacado's avatar
ah, then, write to uncle dc, and ask him for a job for me :)
DeadDog2007's avatar
i just might do that!!!
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Very well done. i think anyone could easily believe such a figure existed with how your drawn these images of Ivy and the sexy Zatanna here.
Meagan-Marie's avatar
This is fantastic! I love it!
Axel-Knight's avatar
Awesome. You have a knack for making the sexy sexier.
J-Estacado's avatar
"making the sexy sexier" ? Humm... I like the concept :)
thanks a lot !
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