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ZATANNA - markers

"Old" stuff (around 1 years ago ) of mine.
Done when I decided to try the warm grey markers, as I usually only used cool greys.

The 2/3 french guys that met me in conventions usually know about this picture, has it's generally my most appreciated piece in the portfolio and if someone I know from these con' read this NO I STILL WON'T SELL IT !! :rofl:

Not that much to say otherwise . It's a study, I did to break out with these new markers.
Clothes , jewelry and haircut were done my way, but pose and face remains to my usual model for Zatanna at 90 % , so it was supposed to stay in my "personnal" stuff, not destinated to be exposed on the internet.

Never say never, I ended posting it on CAF [link] because, afterall, reference or not, I thought I did a pretty good job on her; and it was usefull to submit this kind of piece to show what result I may obtain in commissions.

It quiclky changed as I switched for warm and cold grey values done with watercolors; and just kept markers for smooth surface or other textures.

I used warm grey 1 2 3 4 5 on this picture. the 1 2 and 3 were nearly empty once the pic was ended, I tryed so hard to smooth the pic that they didn't last for long !

It's the other reasons why I switched for watercolors : I can have the same result in 5 minutes with just a few colors and water.
And it cost nealy anything, comparing to these damn markers who quiclky cost your arm.

See you later for other "excellent adventures of Zatanna in Ced's frustrated mind" :lol: ( maybe for halloween ?! ;) )



-pencils and inks on 11x 23"
-Shaded with warm grey markers.
-background pattern added on photoshop.
-THIS version : added cold grey values w/photoshop.
Zatanna is © DC comics
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Ace piece. Figure is spot on.
matchesmalone899's avatar
The amount of detail is unbelievable! How long did this take you to complete?
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It's very old stuff. I honestly don't remember... maybe something like 3 hours from beginning to  end :)
How do you achieve the sharp shines on the jewellery? 
J-Estacado's avatar
Ah of course. Is it like gel or something? 
J-Estacado's avatar
Ah. That makes sense. Thanks for the tip mate.
S-O-G-A's avatar
Absolutely love this one.
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me for old women
300bulletproof's avatar
her legs could be an optical illusion... but great drawing
Xaero-Artist's avatar
holy shit, your marker work makes me look beyond noob. this is fantastic
Vonni-Von's avatar
This is great work. I especially love your use of line & your distribution of the colors!
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bringing out the sexy zatanna! cool!
phusion's avatar
Slick. Awesome work with the hair detail.
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Hi ...Dear J-Estacado...!!!Merry Christmas:heart:
Your Fantastic Art work
Z A T A N N A - markers
is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!
if you don't mind...:heart:
best regards.....................You're most welcome in Action-Portraits...!!!:iconaction-portraits:
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Really nice my friend!! It's cool to so meet other artists who work with markers!!!!
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Fabulous piece of work
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very lovely work!
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