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ZATANNA - burlesque


Please add my facebook page for news, recent informations wip and other stuff :…

EDIT 03 10 2013 : new FX, new lights, then new shading too.Also cleaned the whole pic.

Felt like doing this kind of pic.
Had NO hesitation about which character would be included:D

In fact I had the idea for a loooooooooong time, but also took a looooooooooooooooooggg time to produce the pic.

It was draw on an oversized 11x 23" as usual, I focus too much on the face, and then I need to draw this part very big... and when you have a complete body to draw, this is how it ends :lol:

The POV was one of the most tricky (huh... "trikyest ?" dunno what word I have to put right here ) stuff I had ever draw; but was completly in need for the main subject ( drawing a standing front view of the character would have been useless for example ).

You HAVE to target what is linked with the words in the pic !! Well, at least when you HAVE words/titles in your picture, of course !

For example; here you have : "mistress", "cabaret", "burlesque", "decadence", "striptease" ... words associated with fetish stuff in general and a certain attitude/style .

Comments and critiques are welcome, but I don't give a damn f*** about your aesthetic tastes however.
so in case, please save your time (and mine) by switching to a other picture/deviant.
If you watch me, it's generally that you know what to expect.

Other ZEE:


-pencils and inks on 11x 23"
-colors w/photoshop 7.0 + wacom.
Zatanna is © DC comics
tip: give me a job, DAMMIT !!!!!!!
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Why is it dated 2010? Was this a companion piece to some event?
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because it was done in 2010 ;) all is written on this deviation page.
This is an edit. Not a new picture !
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Ah, I guess I fail basic reading comp.
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Sensational work
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Oh my god, I LOVE this :D Simply gorgeous! Sad that I didn't see it before! Wow wow WOW!
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thanks :)D
Well; In case; I have a whole "ZATANNA" folder in my gallery ;)
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Lovely *Charmed*
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This looks spectacular!
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YAY your really dont Sara Pezzini !?!?
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I mean your really doing Sara Pezzini !?
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Another wonderful work featuring the Mistress of Magic! I like your use of perspective for this promotional poster and fantastic lettering, especially for Zatanna's name.

I also really like the design for the black lace on her arms. I can appreciate the change in her ensemble: the red top, instead of black, and the pantyhose instead of her usual fishnets. I think it works beautifully for this piece.

Another amazing work of art! Keep it up! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go buy tickets for this Dec 2nd show before they're all sold out.... :P
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Hey it's been a while :)
Well yeah I made all the needed change to go for a more "burlesque" result. Even if her classical suit would have been good too; but, Zatanna does have a LOTS of costumes afterall :)
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This is completely gorgeous sexy and love the Mucha influence! Wow!
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I love your work with her, but I really do wish you'd draw her a little less... slutty. I'd love to see your take on when she dresses down in sweatpants and t-shirts!
J-Estacado's avatar
slutty ? aww :/ sultry is ok, but slutty, seriously... gee....
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Oh, sorry. >< I didn't mean to offend, because I really do think it's beautiful (otherwise I wouldn't have commented).
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well; no it's ok i just take "slutty" as bad stuff in general because.... well it's often associated with a negative feeling; but no worries :)
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Zatanna's act would fit in perfectly in the music hall of the the novel I wrote set in Chicago of the Roaring twenties.
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lovely pic! I love the whole Burlesque theme. Zatanna is your favorite DC heroine isn't she?
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Kinda. You can do a lot of thing with a character like this; and who have no particular costume, so it leaves a wide room to play with :)
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