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ZATANNA- Gil Elvgren tribute



Please add my facebook page for news, recent informations wip and other stuff :
Edited version : contrasts and colors are reviewed. some more personnal adds too.


THAT IS the original pic from Elvgren:

This picture is half digital and traditionnal painting.
For this one I wanted to go back for the kind of technics I used for all my "dark tower" pictures, meaning :mix of traditionnal textures, medias, photos, digital tricks, mix of elements...

What I DID:

1-Basically, I took the original pic, gave it more contrast and erased the background and the face, heels and some other parts.

2-Then I printed it as a greyscaled pic.

3- I did the drawing appart, on a watercolor paper through a lightbox (YES, you can beat me for that if you want)to keep the pose as closer as possible to her original model.
Fixed her face to keep Zatanna looking the way I generally try to portrait her.
Addes the other hand, I wanted the cigar feeling pose, but with the magical stick :p

4-Once it was done I mostly colored it with watercolors markers and colored pencils.
I textured a bit the background with thick white acylics,

5-When it was Ok I scanned back the greyscaled print and my marker version ; then I mixed both on photoshop to have something very close to what you see actually.
it helps achieving the same textures (see the "chair" for example" and oil feeling) and shads.
Note that I followed the original shads too when I made my version. Otherwise it would have not worked that well.

6- Added the stars on photoshop; what ties her heels to her leg (dunno how you call theses) are actuually an edited photo

7- Fixed all the colors, added some original elements of the original painting to help even more to sounds like the original.

8- Here we are!

Then YES, I DIDN'T Painted the whole thing by my own hands,I also don't really own an original picture...
Then if you tell me "it's an edited copy of a GIL ELVGREN 's painting , I guess it will means you didn't READ this description.

You can see this pic as a photomontage except it's more of a"picture montage" actually.

Don't ask me for print of this pic then.

For people re-linking it on tumblr or whatsoever, give me a favor and don't forget to add GIL ELVGREN to the credits. I can't pretend beeing the owner of the whole pic.



- watercolors, acrylics, markers and colored pencils on watercolor paper
-Photshop edits , mixing of different elements, edited photos.

Zatanna © DC
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