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Please add my facebook page for news, recent informations wip and other stuff :


So yeah today I had TONS of important stuff to do and finally I just painted this stuff that was not even planned :rofl:

Zatanass is back (you get my stupid joke right ?) (back?/ ass ? no ? anyone?!! ) !

I felt the need to paint that booty.
last year I kinda discovered I liked that :lol: No seriously , I didn't even had in mind I was an "assman" until I drew my first PHAT ass; and.... yeah it was on THIS drawing (see it lower on this description) .
I remember that I said "OHHH my I like this curves; it change eveything in the whole drawing, I NEED to do more of these it's real cool !!!!!" so tribute to myself now :lol: :rofl:
Painted in 1h30. Some parts are a bit rough, but like I said I was just interested by her booty, so I didn't spent the usual time I spend on other parts; like the face ...

Now I had some girls who told me "what's up with guys and fat ass ?"
-Hey , what's up with girls and YAOI ? :lol:
HEH. I dunno. It's like that. that damn curves I pretty exiting if I must say. nothing vulgar here however.


Other ZEE:


-mechanicals pencils on A3 print paper.
-Colors in photoshop.

Zatanna is © DC comics
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© 2012 - 2022 J-Estacado
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It's magically delicious
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Was Kelly Monaco your model for Zatanna in the pic?
J-Estacado's avatar
Nope; never heard 'bout her until you mentionned !
SWFan1977's avatar
Ahh interesting, this Zatanna looks like Kelly in the facial area, at least to me.
Warrior35's avatar
Wow!! Very sexy ;)
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JamesZilla2k11's avatar
My goodness, I love this! Zatanna has always had a nice butt and this proves it! :D
Comicslaughterer's avatar
One. Of. The Most. Beautiful. Pics. I. Have. Ever. Seen.
Seriously, if I was a pilot in the second world war I wuold love to have her painted on my plane for company while I bring presents to the Nazis.

You, you made great work her. Deep and honest respect.
Vornell's avatar
what a hot ass an a beautiful pic of zatanna.
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i'm not going to like, i don't usually fave pieces like this, because i feel it can sometimes make my favorite heroines look like sluts, but i just loved this style so much, and her face is amazing, i mean that is what draws me to the piece the most, i just love how you did it, so congrat, but if you don't mind, if you could do another of her, can be the same postion(if so give her the flap thing on her suit jacket to cover her butt), or a different one, but with the same face, because i just hate that i love this style so much, but feel so bad for liking it, because of the butt thing.
J-Estacado's avatar
Why sluts already ? it's not because her butt is visible that a woman is a slut. careful.

Also... there is tastes for everyone, I know you are not the only one who liked this one for the face. I also know others people faved it for... other things. But that's good. I mean: Not everyone can share the same tastes, and someone will find interest where other will not. I'll say it's even a good thing that you tell me about that (minus the slut thing, which is just making a too classical stereotype)
that said, Zatanna is a character I illustrated many time in various style or pose. I have a whole folder about her in my gallery, and then maybe you'll find something who will sounds better for your taste :)
Rex1234ify's avatar
sorry if i offended you, i just always get that feeling when a female is in a pose like that, she is being protrayed as a slut, but i understand that not all people feel that way, that i said that i feel that way.... and trust me i've favorited alot of you're art, this is just by far my favorite, in fact my favorite out of all the pieces i have favorited(i've faved over 200 pieces) but it's like you see something you love to death, but then there is just one issue with it, that makes you second guess yourself on how you feel about it... and in this case, it's the pose, but still none the less, its an amazing piece and you're an amazing artist, very inspiring.
J-Estacado's avatar
mmmm yes I see what you mean.I feel that way sometimes too, but like I said no one can unfortunatly provide art that would match 100% of the tastes of eveyones.... that on of the "rules" of art If I may say.

I'm not offended neither, since I appreciate that in both of your comments you explained your point of view, which is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better than stuff like "don't like, it sucks" and so and so...
Rex1234ify's avatar
yeah you're right, there is also something you don't like about the stuff you love, so i can't really complain about, since i didn't make the piece.
And yeah, you'll never catch me making a comment like that, i don't believe in argueing that way... i'm going to add you to my watch list, so that i can keep up with you're work more, so keep it up.
ForestWolfDragon's avatar
I don't think words can properly describe how hot and sexy this picture is!
Keylowna's avatar
Adorable! I really feel bewitched now. Nice work, wish I was as fast as you mate. Kind regards, Jack - Keylowna pinup art
IzuniQ's avatar
It's so amazing!
I love it!
Your Art is LOVELY!
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