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[edti 01 01 2012 ] Better scan of this and it's also the REAL finished version, the previous can missed one step


I have WAY too much drawing to finish, to ink, and to color... and I'm kinda lazy at the coloring step, so things will come later than expected...

But no worry, I still have some zatannaS in my hat ;)

This is an "old" commission from february 2010; one of the very few where I used markers, and not watercolors.
Well OK; there's a bit of watercolor here and there, to add depth, but not that much.

Photoshop edits here; I just saturated it a bit more and added some soft touches of colors, otherwise, the original is here>

On an other note,
It's still VERY funny when, at conventions; or drawing sessions, people watching my portfolio ask me, with small hesitation:
"Huh...zatanna is your favorite character isn' she ?"


Other ZEE:


-pencils inks and markers( cool & warm greys) on 11 x 14" bristol paper.

Zatanna is © DC comics
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Zatanna in BOOTS please

I Love High Heeled Thigh High BOOTS ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

TH3Candra's avatar
Abracadabra. . .
Love her smile and heels
bat973's avatar
Fabulous job
Shulkie's avatar
I think it has an awesome coloring to it and with it not being too in depth in shading or realism, it has a more comic appeal. I love the pose and her smile is beautifully done:heart:
MellissaLynn's avatar
Y'know, of all the girls you draw, I think I like your Zatanna the best...

J-Estacado's avatar
That woulud make a sense in a way, as it's the character I like to draw the most :°)
Then I give her more interest when I illustrate her !
Sabaene's avatar
Meeyow. I have never really been a fan of DC, but damn. Shes one hot magician.
BettyBlackComics's avatar
The top hat is very cool!
TheIllusiveWoman's avatar
This is awesome, she's super cute and sexy. :D
piffpaffpouff's avatar
Yeah! Vraiment réussi, et j'aime beaucoup les petites étoiles autour genre tadammm, roulement de tambour, toussa toussa. Par contre, il y a un truc qui perturbe visuellement beaucoup : ses talons sont en acier o_O? Ou il y a quelques part un reflet que je n'ai pas compris?
J-Estacado's avatar
Je pense qu'il n'y'a pas grand chose a comprendre :p
il manque sans doute une ou 2 lignes noires pour donne la meme matiere que le reste
Torpedo43's avatar
Very nice, indeed :)
Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Mmm, that's an interesing little bracelet/fingeloop thing... wonder what the deal is with it.
J-Estacado's avatar
Saw this one, one day, found it interesting in terms of design; so sometimes, I add this stuff on my girls :)
Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Mm, fair enough then.
Fefe1414's avatar
So pretty! Your work amazes me!!!
makutevstrec's avatar
HEEEEEEYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Zantana!
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Sasha1378's avatar
Zee... What else could I say ? It's all in there =)
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