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Ah !
YOU made Zee 2nd in my recent poll "MORE :" very close to Rogue.
As Rogue will be back soon for other pic, Zee came back, because afterall, I haven't drew her too much these last years ; And WHO I AM to REFUSE to draw the 2nd character from the poll ???!!! ;)

Nahh... seriously, I planned others characters for my Christmas pic, but it ended with her, mostly because I needed to complete with my new year pic from the last year, now it's done !

tryed to mix Art Nouveau and Chrismas stuff... i think it worked fine enought . what d'ya think ??!!


I recently submitted a lot of stuff, nearly 1pic/each 4 days.
before it was 1pic/each 15 days.

The fact is D.A grew... more and more... and groups became the "usual" stuff you need to be in; for feedback... before, 1 pic could bring interest , favs and comment for these 15 days. Now it works differently, I have 90 % of my favs & comment the next 48hours after posting it.

I'll say, now if you want to "survive" ( :lol: ) on D.A you have 2 choices :
-Beeing famous, then it's ok, even if you submit nothing for 5 months, you get your daily 1500 pageviews
-OR you must submit over and over, finding groups to submit your pics in, and keep searching for feedback here and there...
Otherwise you'll quickly forgotten.

I'm gonna try to submit NOTHING until december 25 or 26 however, kind of a pause.... I think all these submittions start to bore a bit some people... I mean... I would be the 1st person to be bored seeing pics coming over and over each days !!

As always ,Comments and CONSTRUCTIVES critiques are welcome, but I don't give a damn f*** about your aesthetic tastes however.
so in case, please save your time (and mine) by switching to a other picture/deviant.
If you watch me, it's generally that you know what to expect.

Other ZEE:
Previous close-up

For your enticement:

Still works for each end of year :


-pencils and inks on A3
-drawing & colors w/photoshop 7.0 + wacom.

Zatanna is © DC comics
HINT To DC : christmas present to Uncle Ced':
>>> give me a job, DAMMIT !!!!!!!
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As usual a good dam job.
oh! wonderful girl good art
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You should have titled this one Z-Mas !

Very nice!
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:) not bad at all :p
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Sexy one of Zatanna here
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Beautiful work! :)
ahhh this is awesome.. I miss your tubes I wish you would become and independant artist and sell your own tubes yourself.. I can help if you ever need it :D
Axel-Knight's avatar
She can sit under my tree anytime...
U1trawoman's avatar
Have a holly jolly Christmas~ :santa:
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Ahhh, tweaking her outfit mmm?
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it's awesome!
The colors are amazing and the whole art is superb!
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Merci ! j'en ai bien baver , quand meme :lol: (tu peut "causer la france" avec moi ;) )
fabiSm's avatar
oh! ok!
pour sur je vais speaker la France alors! :D
J'imagine que ca a pas du etre evident, mais il faut voir le resultat!
C'est sublime!
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fantastic work.
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U just made my holidays magical I love this one.
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DC can't handle your excellent level of work. This is why they haven't hired you, you're too good! LOL

I'm not going to tell you how great this picture is this time. You already know it, so why should I waste time for either of us on this? What? You WANT me to tell you? OK, fine! THIS PICTURE IS AWESOME! ;)

Merry Christmas! :hug:
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If i'm too good for them, then I'm gonna seriously lower the level, that's gonna be real easy :lol:
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Nope. I bet you you can't consciously do it. I think your artist self would be offended and comeo ut and make it better. I read an article about this recently; it's very hord to deliberately fail at something you take pride in doing.

Merry Christmas!

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very great job!!!!!!
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Hi ...J-Estacado ...!!!
Your Fantastic Art work
is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!
if you don't mind...
best regards.....................You're most welcome in Action-Portraits...!!!:iconaction-portraits:
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