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Wonder Woman statue -fake-


This one took a lot of time to be here, and meets several redesigns.. Finally , what we have here isn't that much of a whole redesign... it's more a sexy version of her knowed suit.

The 1st redesign I did was more about greek look, armor and all...
However , most of the redesigns I see of her, around the internet are ALL about that; and some of them are truly excellent.
Then I decided to swith for something else.
I don't really know... her original costume is already good; so it was hard to go for something else. I just made it more "lethal".

My fav' part remains her face, but it's often what I like the best :°)

Oh, one last note about the box and overall design : I finally kept the designs I did for the marvel stuff, the 1st one I did for Ivy and zee was more about toys ,and less about statue. It's better that way. I think.



pencils and inks on 23" x 8" / 60 x 21 cm
colors w/photoshop 7.0 + wacom.

Wonder Woman is ©DC comics
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I want this, wish you wouldn't tease with this!
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very nice indeed, this statue series is such a great idea
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It's fun enough yeah. Makes me mixing some of my favorite stuff in art :comic book girls and character design :)
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thats the great thing about being an artist, you always get to do the things you love.
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I love the variation to her outfit with the white sash and thigh sword belt. Beautiful design including the box. I would buy this in a :heart:beat!!
BloodTalonHero's avatar
I'd buy that for a Dollar.
brilliant-beatrice's avatar
J-Estacado's avatar
It was on my "stuff to color list" since nearly 6 month, to say all :lol:
MapleBunnie's avatar
I want to make this costume !!!
Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
It is indeed an impressive mock-up, one could amost think it's a photo of the real thing...
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Wow! Beautiful!
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You might want to label the figure as DC Official as she is not a Marvel character.
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Yes I'm editing this, I forgot to change that detail when I re-used the previous box I made for the Marvels ones :p
Looks great otherwise!
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Wouldn't mind seeing this redesign in any of the books; And lovely job with the whole thing (as always) ;)
J-Estacado's avatar
I think it's probably a bit too "sexy heroic-fantasy" like to be in the comic book pages :p
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Wish it was real.
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Je valide !! Je suis pas particulièrement fan du perso à la base... mais ton design est super ;)
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Pas super fan non plus, mais c'est une icône ultra populaire,donc faut pas hésiter à l'illustrer de temps à autres !
(et elle est quand meme pas degueu :p c'est plus la personnalitée du perso qui fait defaut, en fait.)
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