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VICTORIA HAND statue -fake-


I'm sorry to overload you with miss Hand drawings, but yersterday I was in the mood to try to make an other fake "collectible".
I was supposed to make Wonder Woman (and actually I did the drawing) but the drawing sucks a bit, then I wasn't that ok to go further....

Then I thought Victoria could make a DAMN GREAT statue; especially if it was made in a more pin-up way

For the packaging, I go for a more "deluxe edition" stuff than what I previously did for Zatanna and Ivy
I also put the "statue" in the same context than some marvel product; like this one > [link]

Since I add nothing more to add from the previous description with Ivy,an Zee here is a scandalous copy/paste of the that previous one :

"Well this was moslty done as a model sheet for me, as since 3 pics I definitly changed Ivy design to make something of my own.
As I don't always remember How I draw her from A to Z; I did this to have a full model to refer, when I'll have to draw her again.

I also did that as if it was a collectible, a statue ... and did it the way I would like to see her !

I've never been good enought at sculpting or modeling stuff, even after 4 years doing that, I never completly managed to realize what I had in mind ; so Unfortunalty I haven't the abilities to make my wish come true, Oh sad ! :rofl: "

Previous: Ivy and Zatanna

Other Vicky :


pencils and inks on 23" x 8" / 60 x 21 cm
colors w/photoshop 7.0 + wacom.
Victoria Hand is ©Marvel comics
if you want to see a real version of this stuff, you can always read a mail to marvel, to note them of my modest art :

Marvel Entertainment, LLC
417 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10016

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so great
i love your Victoria Hand
bat973's avatar
A marvelous job
It was sad when Bendis killed her off. I actually like Victoria Hand.
J-Estacado's avatar
thanks for the spoiler....
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Please tell me that this chick has her own comic. I jut read up on her on Wikipedia (After seeing this, I had to find out who this character was) Awesome art work. I really like your idea with the packaging and everything.
J-Estacado's avatar
You can find her in the New Avenger; or in the -now ended- Dark Avengers;but there's no comics About herself only, as far as I know, unfortunatly :/
kinkforfun's avatar
that is unfortunate
sam7's avatar
Really great!
KidoKoala's avatar
Her legs are to die for!
J-Estacado's avatar
Thanks !
I focused a lot on that part, to have a good result, indeed :)
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This is by far one of the BEST statues I've ever seen! Don't think Victoria hand get's enough cred, she ranks up there in sexiness with any other Marvel diva!
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thanks man ! Much appreciated :)
Well now she seems to be with the new avengers; I bet she's gonna have more exposure :)
hclix's avatar
We can only hope, she's too good-looking a character not to be more in the limelight!
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they should actaully make her but in her Hammer uniform. I wonder if TNA's Tara aka Victoria got her name from Marvel's Victoria when she was in WWE? her hair is the same as the character's now too!
Meister-Goldfeder's avatar
best of your statue concepts so far :)
Mycael006's avatar
I wouldn't mind seeing a real statue in that pose! Nice!
HardToFindAName's avatar
Wah génial! la boîte cartonne ;D
J-Estacado's avatar
Jeu de mot inspiré, je dois dire :)
HardToFindAName's avatar
il m'est venu tout seul, fallait que je le sorte :)
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