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The "foundation" of this painting has 2 years ago.
I did the drawing and the first coat, but it pretty much $ucked; Starfire having some kind of gold flesh, it was really weird to paint; and I decided to leave this stuff for the day I would like to come back on it :lol:
(hint: and if you have no deadlines behind you, I highly recommand to do that when you're at the point you can't do anything good anymore on your work anymore )

Then, I continued this painting around 6 months ago; worked on it some weeks... not that much.... And finished it a few hours ago !

Far away from beeing my best stuff; but close enought to be one of the painting that took me the longest time!

My first goal was to paint jean grey as the phoenix, but I already drew/painted her like 4/5 times, so I switched my choice for Starfire, as I still get people complaining about the fact she's not on the DC WOMEN pic ;)

(roh...bad boy ! not good!!! )

I don't like this ubër boring character, and I didn't change my opinion about her.
But now Starfire's lovers will stop asking me to draw her , right ? :rofl:

the drawing itself beeing around 2 years old, there's probably antomy mistakes. apologizes :p

-Acrylics on canvas paper ,60 x 47cm / 18,6"x 23,8"
-airbrush & classical brush.
-marker and watercolorable pencils.
-colored inks.

Starfire is ©DC comics
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Wow! I almost didn't recognize her if it wasn't for her her glowing green eyes. If that Teen Titan Starfire can be redesigned as a sexy adult, I wonder what Princess Camille (from Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland) will look like (she's a pretty redhead too!)