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Please add my facebook page for news, recent informations wip and other stuff :

[edits ] 20 11 2012 : Reviewed perspective on the stone; reviewed a bit their glance too. I mostly edit and let people now about it because I'll submit the 2nd pic of the set Thursday; so, yes, just so you can be in the mood for that already

Doods...... I spent sooo many times before submitting this pairing... hell...It has been YEARS that people asking me for these two !

I really have hard time picturing them together... Really opposite style and visual; and I'm not TOO familiar with Wanda; so, while I quickly found how she would looks like; it has been different for her attitude & expression.

This one is a huge 50x57 cm inks on bristol. It's the last inked piece I did in my house that I miss a lot, so I wanted to do the big stuff for the end !
In the other part, I ended real lazy to scan the whole stuff in my modest A4 scanner; believe me !!!

To say all , I kinda "mass producted" pics of this pairing. But not all of them worthed the interest.
I kept 3 . That's the first. the second will be a bit more sultry; and the 3rd more erotic. A gradient in the sexyness to sum up :°); and like that everybody should find his/her favorite version.

If you follow me on FB you probably have seen the few WIPs I did, in case not :


i'm still not sure I'll keep the red patterns and visual like that. the girls are Ok but not too sure about what remains. At first I wanted to leave it all blank; but it was maybe too much.... i'll see later :)

Spent a LOT of time coloring my 2 beloved ones, Hope you'll like this pic folks !

Other ZEE:


-mechanicals pencils and inks on 50x57cm paper.
-Colors in photoshop.

Zatanna is © DC comics
Scarlet Witch is © Marvel
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It would be awesome if they starting catfighting and paddling each other's butts.
Wow, they are gorgeous !
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A marvelous job
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nice, i suck at photoshop, I do all my coloring the old fashion way lol
J-Estacado's avatar
I can't blame you for that. I'm basically a traditionnal artist; but digital medium let me produce faster somehow. So I generally traditionnal media for commission or painting ( thus, I still pencil and ink traditionnaly :p )
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yeah i draw out my stuff in pencil, and use Pasco paint markers to color them, but I have done some work on fiberglass.I'm told my stuff is kinda oldschool idk..
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I love the concept of these two magical beauties together. Love the setting and how they match up. The black and red coloring go very well together. Zatanna's mouth is just a little too broad for her face in my opinion, but nice coloring and shading work nonetheless. I'm a little more biased towards Zee than Wanda cause of the outfit and her occasional goofiness. :shrug:
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Zatanna's face seems a bit off to me....when looking at the other pictures with Zatanna. Maybe it's just me :shrug: But regardless they are very well done and gorgeous ladies!
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heh, for me it's one of my best version; so you know... tastes and opinions.... :lol:
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Everyone has their own tastes lol. Just like you said, but I still say you did a wonderful job with the picture :D.
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Love me some Scarlet & Zatanna.
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cool pic, nicely done :)
J-Estacado's avatar
that's what I do ;) ;) ;)
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Hi there, really like your work. Do you do freelance work? Price sheet?
Let me know when you have a chance.
J-Estacado's avatar
well i'm a freelance, now it depends on the type of work it's about etc....
Eventually if you something more clear in mind and want more informations ,just send me a note :)
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Hi, thanks for your reply. Really like your work.

I've just started on a new project where I want to combine action comics drawings with live footage.
The way I picture it is to use a tablet and draw on top of the film frame, just enhancing what's already there.
There will be a lot of drawings of course but each one doesn't need to be very detailed.
It's more of an enhanced reality.

Will also need poster art in a more traditional ink and color style.

I know, it's a little unusual, but I think it could look cool.

Think about how you would price it.

Thanks and best,
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Plz tell me, how you add a description thumb ???
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you probably mean a PICTURE thumb ?
you have to be a Paid member of DA.

Then in the right part underthe window showing the pic; in the "detail" section you just have to copy/ paste the number of your pic.
actually this one is : thumb280091892:
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Ahhh damn. Ty for the asnwer !!!
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My two favourite comic girls!
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