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Phoenix Rising

That's more like it :D
[é] 27. 08. 2009
fixed.... nearly 70 % of the whole pic:
reviewed hair (now get more realistic light source), colors (I especially make the her clothes more contrasted and red; as requested) ; cleaned lines.... add FX....

I saw something interesting in the last page of the last Uncanny X-men I bought , so It remembered me It was time to do some Marvel stuff :lol:

I've done a phoenix and a dark phoenix years ago.
Problem is my most viewed deviation is the phoenix, and that was based on an Adam Hughes drawing of lara croft...

so... mmm. I'ts time to submit a phoenix fully of my own.
It was supposed to be the classical , but it ended as the dark one because.... she has more style :D

Don't ask me how I put the colors on that one: I have no clues ( like 70% of the time) but i'm more than happy with the way it ended; really !
for the composition I kept some kind of art nouveau mood, without using any tricks of it... that's hard to describe, but if you're familiar with the AN style, you'll get the clues ;)

Drawing and inking on classical photocopies paper (yeah, most of the bristol I use suck at the inking step; and beside, I don't like to pencil on too smooth surfaces)

colors on photoshop 7.0 / wacom. <b/>

Jean grey/ the dark Phoenix are ©Marvel
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X-FACTOR! Dodge this dodge this fool you may DIE, BURN INTO FLAMES!

Hyper combo KO!
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She is Jean Grey isn't she?
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Great stuff! Very interesting composition with lots of little details and nuances.
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This pic is more of an experiment than a pic I perfectly knew where I went :lol:
thanks for your comment :)
your work is amazing
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The Phoenix symbol had a lovely distortion. I ike the flow of the differents curves.
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This is gorgeous!
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thanks a lot :D
did you found my gallery through Spiderguile one ? :lol:
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Yep, sure did! :D Love your style!
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gorgeous palette! :thumbsup:
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Hot beauty... ;) :D
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Firey indeed. I love that pose and the way you cropped the image. Very dynamic!
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OH god she's hot! Love this! Phoenix has always been one of my favs! :D :heart:
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Comme toujours les couleurs bien sympas, la compo aussi! Par contre j'ai un doute anatomique mais vu la contre plongée assez sophistiquée c'est compréhensible :)
Bravo *more phoenix!!*
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et ou se trouve ce doute anatomique ? :lol:
je l'ai finit un peu brusquement cette image la, de toute façon elle aura droit a un edit d'ici peu :)
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euh bah dans le raccourci au niveau du ventre je pense
mais c'est assez diffus...
En tout cas merci d'avoir fait à nouveau Phoenix :)
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mmm bon je vais zieuter ça de plus pres alors :)

une fan du perso ? :D
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oui :) meilleur perso mutant selon moi mais c'est pas très original je sais :)
J-Estacado's avatar
nan, mais c'est pas grave je dirais :lol:
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