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I spend too much on...



... on the make-up part.
Nearly 40 minutes !

I saw an advertising on TV some weeks ago, about make up for eyes and such; and it explained HOW it has to be applied..
I was like "Heh . what the hell ? it's not JUST about putting color and it's over ?" Seems like you need to put differents coat and other steps that I would have not figured.
Glad to be a man sometimes :lol:

I found the trick interesting however, and decided to procceed like that on a next pic I was going to color !

So.... well when the pic will be over and submitted here, you'll probably don't notice that because it's a full body, so these small details won't be easy to see :lol:
I thought that after spending so much time on this part it needed to be exposed !
What took me sooo long : deciding the colors, find the right ones who would blend well;

I realized yesterday that, finally I'm not that far from reality :
In the train I had a women standing on the seat in front of me. She came in the train without make up.... when she left from that train ( 50 min after) she was... heh not the same person anymore !!
She spent nearly 40 minutes doing the eyes and lips;

That's when I said to myself "Hey, in fact I rock in putting make up " which finally scared me a bit :rofl:

Well well well....That was the -a bit- too girly explanation of the month ;) see ya !

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