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I don't like zatanna

Well, of course, that wasn't me :)

Just to show I'm not too in lack of Zee(s) actually :lol:

My short comment
-The left one was supposed to be colored, and be one of my usual D.A submittion, but then the-huge- right one came out, and will probably take her place.... at least for the moment, the left one will be colored soon enought :)

-The lower one is probably going to be an ex-libris, and the top middle one... well I dunno for the very end,if it's going to be marker or digital color... or just staying like that.... actually it was done to be a step by step "tutorial" from the start of penciling step, to finished inks... well it's not something who is gonna REALLY teach you how to pencil or how to ink; but just an overall review of some points.... and I know there's always some people interested in seeing how a drawing is made; so...

What these pics became !

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It's all good =D
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Dc+ zatanna= of course it's all good ;)
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i totally love her lol. one of my favorite comic females with others behind her powergirl, she-hulk, blackcat, husk, rogue, psylock, and a few others.