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I V Y statue -fake-

If you follow my astonishing adventures throught my blog, then this is no news for you, However you should find an interest by reading the ENGLISH description here :lol:

Well this was moslty done as a model sheet for me, as since 3 pics I definitly changed Ivy design to make something of my own.
As I don't always remember How I draw her from A to Z; I did this to have a full model to refer, when I'll have to draw her again.

I also did that as if it was a collectible, a statue ... and did it the way I would like to see her !

I've never been good enought at sculpting or modeling stuff, even after 4 years doing that, I never completly managed to realize what I had in mind ; so Unfortunalty I haven't the abilities to make my wish come true, Oh sad ! :rofl:

It was LOTS OF fun doing everything around that art, packaging, design.... etc,etc,etc...
I know most of you won't be interested by this picture, but; hell; you can still fav' my previous pic ;)

- HEY, Mr.DC Don't you think it would be a nice Statue ?
-Yes ?!
-Sweeeeeeett !!! I have free time for you on my planning; contact me (please) (sob)

Other ivy (you can even see how odd my art was years ago) ( what ? who said it STILLS odd ? I hear you !! :lol: )


pencils and inks on A3
colors w/photoshop 7.0 + wacom.
Poison ivy is © DC comics
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How did I not add this to my fav before? :disbelief: Ivy statue FTW! I know it's just art and I shouldn't be asking silly questions but what material is her outfit made of? The texture doesn't look like leather or latex.
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Heh don't worries there is nothing stupid in this question at all.

Now; all I can say Is that I used a Lace texture on this ; so basically she's just wearing the kind of underwear corset :)
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my favorite poison ivy by far
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I love her smile she just seems so confident!
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That's a great creation. Her face looks a little bit like Pamela Anderson's.
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MAGNIFIQUE <3 je suis amoureuse
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je m'etais bien amusé à la faire celle-ci d'ailleur !
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looks like a legit toy !!!
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i just love her hair it's mesmerising
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DA seriously needs a "like" button :D
J-Estacado's avatar
Well you still have the love / joy / wow / mad / sad / fear / neutral emoticons below the description :lol:
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DC Direct should hire you to make a model for an actual action figure series or statures. Awesome work:heart:
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Such a beautiful Ivy. They really should have you design statues, I know they would sell like crazy because your images of the characters are always right on, and absolutely gorgeous! :)
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Ah , thanks, unfortunatly it's not that simple to have this kind of job !
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very realistic!!! nicely done
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Nice. Love the boots and the bracelets. You really like upper arm bracelets, don't you?=)
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I like all the jewelry I can add :lol:
it's a pain in the a$$ to color but I don't like to let the skin area completly empty :)
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Who's that in your avatar?
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Sieg Warheit from the game "Chaos Legion", by Capcom ( ps2/ around 7 years ago)
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that would be the best ivy statue EVER....but..i could use more leafege..and less "regular" clothes
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