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How to colors -tricks -

BETA version.

what I call "counter ligh"t is , in fact "reflected light".
It's just that, when i did this tutorial, I didn't knew what was the enlish word for what we call in France "lumiere réfléchie" :)

You can d/l it right now, but come back in around 15 days to find an eventual new version with less mispelling or errors. (because I think there's mistakes here and there; for sure ! )

THIS tutorial was made using a pic that had some mistakes with the anatomy (mostly lips direction) It has been reviewed in the final pic, but not on the tutorial; but that don't change a thing, as it's all about coloring :) )

TUTORIAL TYPE : coloring tricks
TUTORIAL USE : to work faster, or to find new stuff to do.
TUTORIAL IS NOT FOR YOU IF: you want to learn how to color step by step !

leaving your opinion here is welcome too :D


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siechal's avatar
her legs are little bit too thin ...
AstroChompski's avatar
Thanks!! I might even try to pick up 2D again :D
JamesSaverson's avatar
What program is this?
J-Estacado's avatar
Photoshop, of course.
McDardy's avatar
very helpful - thanks - I'm trying to color my comics and I was sooooo frustrated but now I have if not a talent then at least good guide
MrEliteExile's avatar
I look at your pictures for a long time trying to learn how you did this or that, I don't care about there body (well I do get drawn in) But what I really stare at is there faces that's, how I want to draw them. With so much expression in them. I have you make a tutorial on that soon!!!!
J-Estacado's avatar
Well I could. but honestly, to draw good expressions you just need ONE thing: a mirror !
Eventually learn a bit from cartooning. It's a good way to bring great expression with just a few lines !
migranerp's avatar
Your art is wonderful!. I'll see if I can learn from it.
RaoulBogers's avatar
big thx for this tutorial, nice work
vAmPiBaT's avatar
thanks for this its inspired me to give my art a go with coloring
weltonrosa's avatar
:wow: Thank you so much for this tutorial. It's amazing!
Now i can conquest the word!
Congratulations and success!
J-Estacado's avatar
Let me know when you'll suceed in ruling the world; I would not be your ennemy :lol:
Ziggyman's avatar
Faving J's knowledge...
Shadow-ofthe-World's avatar
this is really helpful thanks for making it :D
verysweetindeed's avatar
very well done, i was always wondering how to do certain things. your tutorial really helped me improve my techniques.
J-Estacado's avatar
Ah, thanks!
I mostly try to explain details more than a Complete stuff... It's more about the tricks... I never really saw the interest of following a "a to b" method. It's very unpersonnal,Knowing tricks is usefull; and you can devellop your own coloring style once you know a buuch of them :D
shadowyzman's avatar
Thanks for posting this dude!
J-Estacado's avatar
i'm waiting for people to send me cash and checks now :lol:
knytcrawlr's avatar
dude, this is awesome! thank you so much!
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