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Dragon Process by J-e-n-z-y Dragon Process :iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 5 0 Fulchur by J-e-n-z-y Fulchur :iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 4 0 Dragonite WIP by J-e-n-z-y Dragonite WIP :iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 2 0 Imp by J-e-n-z-y Imp :iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 2 0 Dwarf WIP by J-e-n-z-y Dwarf WIP :iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 1 0 Elf by J-e-n-z-y Elf :iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 0 0
Android's Mind
This is a story of how me and my classmate destroyed the world.
It was a cold lonely day. I was sitting in my room, staring into the faint light emitted from number of screens I operated when I got message from Joe. He did it. He finished the program.

I am lying on my messy bed, watching Joe checking the interface for the last time – a coiling tangle of wires leading from my mind chip to the netbook and to my father´s android. Then he sits amidst the wires with netbook on his knees, typing rigourously. He finishes and gives me a long serious look.
„Are you sure about this?“
„Yes, I am.“
For a while he loses himself in a thoughts but then he gives me a nod and hits the button.
It´s dark. But after a while I am starting to see some shapes, a movement, a trace of colors. They are getting more and more vivid – the hues of green and blue. And the shapes are taking form of numerous coils intertwined together creating infinite space around
:iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 0 0
After all this time, after all this waiting we are finally approaching the object. Mothership, as we call it, has been stationed near Alfa Centauri for almost hundred of years apperantely inactive. We were observing it - this fascinating everchanging blue shining torment of fluid-like shapes - and obtaining data from safe distance for three months now. But all the measurings showed only radiation that should cause us no harm as long as we stay in the ship. We were also transmitting various signals on all the freqencies, but without any reaction. So we decided to take a step into the light.
I´m excited and I am afraid. I´m watching the serious wistful look on Paul´s blue lit face. He is not looking back. We are getting close. The light flows through our ship and it happens. I feel that everything is tearing apart. The ship, my body, everything. I was torn apart from inside, for a moment feeling striking pain in every nerve of my body.

But I´m still here. I do
:iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 0 0
Our new home
And so we are finally here, looking at this far away planet with ecosystem so extremely alien and hostile to human. We are looking at our new home.
We have been destroying our world for so long, that now we had to leave it behind and look for a new place to live. However there is no second Earth in the Universe and anywhere humans go, they will always be an aliens. Unless we let the humanity die with the Earth.
I know what you are thinking right now. That this must be a worst case scenario and that there certainly has to be another way. But is it really? Because, yes, there is another way – to act like we acted before. To act like actual aliens, like a virus that doesn´t care for it´s host and takes and does what he wants instead. Yes, we could resist the ecosystem and try to gradualy change it into another Earth. But do you really think that violating this planet will make it our new home? Isn´t it clear? Don´t you see that this is the highway to hell that we
:iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 0 0
Social experiment Green Sun
Excerpt from a statement of a lead scientist Ryan Douglas

It was a social experiment we developed after we discovered planet 04887HJ. The planet was circling a green sun which emitted a unique gamma signature which had very particular effect on anyone on the planet. It made him or her feel happy.  
Our goal was to study the exact nature of this effect on human behavior, it´s long time impact and it´s implications. So we sent a one thousand people to settle a colony on this planet and create an independent, self efficient and self developing community.
The signature or rather it´s significant effect gave us many questions. Like – how exactly does it make one happy? Will completely happy people be willing to change, develop and improve anything in their lives or is source of the development of our culture our dissatisfaction. And for that matter is satisfaction and happiness connected and how? And what about morality – wouldn´t it cause a fata
:iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 0 0
Lake of memories
18th October 1935
Peaks of Nevado del Plomo, Chile
We are getting near. Our small expedition is struggling through the worst blizzard I have ever wittnessed. It has been five days since we departed from our main camp in a pass trying to reach the top of one of a mountain peaks of Nevado del Plomo which we believe could be finally the end of our long journey. Me and my college Jean were following one of the oldest myths of indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile Mapuche, which is called The Lake of memories.
It speaks of a miraculous water, that heals wounds and brings back lost health to anyone who steps into it. But also, it brings back memories so lively that one can experience them again. At first they worshipped the place and called  it sacred, but gradualy they found out about it´s grave dangers when more and more people went to live their lives into the lake to be lost in the memories forever. And so they forbid the place and tried to hide it from anyone who longe
:iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 0 0
Courtier of the King by J-e-n-z-y Courtier of the King :iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 0 0 Monster Warrior by J-e-n-z-y Monster Warrior :iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 4 2 Nighthob by J-e-n-z-y Nighthob :iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 5 2 Evil Eye by J-e-n-z-y Evil Eye :iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 0 0 Giant by J-e-n-z-y Giant :iconj-e-n-z-y:J-e-n-z-y 1 0


. by Vulpes-Ibculta . :iconvulpes-ibculta:Vulpes-Ibculta 439 11 upd by Vulpes-Ibculta upd :iconvulpes-ibculta:Vulpes-Ibculta 271 8 Cthulhu Chess Set by Eclectixx Cthulhu Chess Set :iconeclectixx:Eclectixx 503 48 Message Received by DaveAllsop Message Received :icondaveallsop:DaveAllsop 186 20 Beast by DaveAllsop Beast :icondaveallsop:DaveAllsop 492 18 Ugly MoFo by DreddaBrutallac Ugly MoFo :icondreddabrutallac:DreddaBrutallac 123 47 Berserker Dragon Bust by AntWatkins Berserker Dragon Bust :iconantwatkins:AntWatkins 257 41 Demon Dragon WIP Update Textur by AntWatkins Demon Dragon WIP Update Textur :iconantwatkins:AntWatkins 89 29 Demon Dragon WIP Design change by AntWatkins Demon Dragon WIP Design change :iconantwatkins:AntWatkins 222 42 Creature Bust WIP 2: Process of detail by AntWatkins Creature Bust WIP 2: Process of detail :iconantwatkins:AntWatkins 456 72 Zombie Warrior Bust 1 Sculpture (missing arms) by AntWatkins Zombie Warrior Bust 1 Sculpture (missing arms) :iconantwatkins:AntWatkins 80 4 Below the Surface by Eclectixx Below the Surface :iconeclectixx:Eclectixx 1,689 95 Mountain Priest by Eclectixx Mountain Priest :iconeclectixx:Eclectixx 2,305 207 Monster by fengua-zhong Monster :iconfengua-zhong:fengua-zhong 346 8 Atreyu and Fujur by Ivernalia Atreyu and Fujur :iconivernalia:Ivernalia 120 30 Die Unendliche Geschichte - Buchcover by wuselarts Die Unendliche Geschichte - Buchcover :iconwuselarts:wuselarts 48 8


Honza Pavlis
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Czech Republic
Inspired by world of digital art on high school, I bought myself a tablet and started to learn how to draw and paint from tutorial and stuff on the internet. Six years ago I started to work and study marketing and lost interest in drawing. Now, after graduating, I found my way back to practicing and getting better everyday. And I am going to share the journey.

I am going to share my sketches, studies as well as complete drawings. I draw monstly dark fantasy stuff being influenced by art of Vance Kovacs and Adrian Smith, Dave Rapoza, Karl Kopinski, Allen Williams, Kenneth Rocafort.

You can follow me on facebook:


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