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The Jungle Book- Mowgli

By J-e-J-e
For the Illustration course, I decided to Illustrate "The jungle book" thanks to my love for animals. This is a conceptual draft of Mowgli and Akela, to decide how I can draw them.
There are the Pencil draft and this one coloured on Photoshop.

I hope you like it. ^^
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Can you do mowgli and kaa, please?
I think I saw this on a production poster in my high school's theatre department.
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Oh, I love this. I am a big fan of Kipling's Jungle Book :heart:. And I am totally sick of that Disney version - it is really terrible what they have done to the characters.  :upset:
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Mowgli is the definition of badass
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love it, now matter how hard i try i can never make a wolf/dog look realistic! :/
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Can you please do one of Baby Mowgli sleeping with Raksha and her Cubs?
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I really like the way you've chosen to portrait Mowgli.
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I really like it! It's refreshening to see an illustration that's not disney-fied.
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I like the fact that you did something different with his hair. ...And gave him a slouchy teenager-ish pose. Bloody kids! ...Good work :D :D :D
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Thank you! ^^
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Excellent art!

I really love it!

(Btw the japanese serie is already on youtube)
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Wow! I'll see it on you tube now!! ^^
This very good. I like it. Did you know that the book of the jungle is called the jungle book in English and Mowgly name in English is Mowgli? By the way I see that Mowgli is holding a boomerang. Why is this?
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Oh, I mistook. But Jungle Book- Book of jungle is the same meaning, isn' it?
By the way, I'm going to correct the mistakes. ^^
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I drawed a boomerang becouse I wanted to make something in the Mowgli's hand.
I must read ( and buy) The jungle book yet, but when I was a children, I watched the japanese anime, and I remember that Mowgli had a boomerang.^^
Yes, I am big fan of the Japanese anime and I hope to be able to watch the Japanese version and understand it. I want to translate it into English subtitles. I want to do this because there are Engilsh DVD's.
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Wow! I hope you'll do it!! ^_^
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