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Dragonbro strips 3- Star

Silvvy: A shooting star, quick, make a wish!

Ebby: What did you wish for then?
Silvvy: Hehe... I'm not telling!

Silvvy: What 'bout you, big bro?
Ebby: ...

Ebby: Well, I wished all your wishes would never come true.
Silvvy: Ehhh?!

Finally, this is my own idea!
I really want to draw Silvvy with big innocent doggy eyes, now I did it in the last cell. XD
In face I finished this pic a few weeks ago, now I'm busy drawing the new game pics, no time for the dragonbro.
I feel so sorry to them. ^^;
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what he doesn't knows is that his wish won't come true xD
The joke's on Ebby. Telling someone your wish invalidates it.
Rahula87's avatar
XD XD this made my day,good job Ebby!
Tunglskin's avatar
Dick move bro.
Dick move. :iconyoumadbroplz:
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Daniela-Arts's avatar
ebby don't be mean! aw nice job
Shouty-and-Starlight's avatar
hehe he is jokin XD He loves his lil bro to much to do that^^
GoldenLotusGirl's avatar
Ebby you meany!
Take back that wish this instant!
watanukikun's avatar
RIP for Silvvy's wishes. OTL
GoldBirdPrincess155's avatar
Why the old bros are so mean? :icontaigacraiplz:
LonerUmbreon's avatar
I would be sitting there patting Silvvy on the head saying how his brother saying what he wished for wouldn't come true so his would. :) :icondragonpetplz:
GoldBirdPrincess155's avatar
I have an old bro, he's annoying as a crap :P
LonerUmbreon's avatar
:icondragoncryplz: mine is gone... :'(
IllBuyYourOCs's avatar
Don't worry Silvvy, he told his wish so yours isn't coming true. :icondragonlick:
KRider-Arashi's avatar
Hehe... *rubs back of head* I-I'm pretty sure he was just teasing you. RIGHT, EBBY? *glares*
galaxycaptain's avatar
Wai Ebby, wai? ;A; :icondragoncryingplz:
GiromCalica's avatar
Heart attack on a bun.

Because diabetus.

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