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Dragonbro strips 3- Star



Silvvy: A shooting star, quick, make a wish!

Ebby: What did you wish for then?
Silvvy: Hehe... I'm not telling!

Silvvy: What 'bout you, big bro?
Ebby: ...

Ebby: Well, I wished all your wishes would never come true.
Silvvy: Ehhh?!

Finally, this is my own idea!
I really want to draw Silvvy with big innocent doggy eyes, now I did it in the last cell. XD
In face I finished this pic a few weeks ago, now I'm busy drawing the new game pics, no time for the dragonbro.
I feel so sorry to them. ^^;
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Ebby, do not make this kind of joke. You little bro is about to cry out!