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Dragonbro strips 1- Hamburger

Silvvy: This is the rumored hamburger!

Silvvy: I wanna try that out!
Ebby: Heey, that will...

Ebby:... all spill out...

The first attempt of drawing the strips for the dragon bros., but I have no idea at all. So this is inspired from Garfield. Please provide me with any fun ideas you have if you like... however I'm busy with the new game again....*sigh*
so... there's no certain telling when the new pics for them will be out. T_T
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I laught so much when I see this one XD
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This is the funniest thing I have read in a long time.
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I saw this and i died.....
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Lol! :iconfivesplz: Funny comic!
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Ideas: The order off of the McDonald's secret menu? No, that's lame...
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Ideas, eh? How about they go cliff-diving?
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OMG this made my day! :iconlaughsplz:
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OMG!! that is priceless XD
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That's what it's like eating a Big Mac.
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:iconpatrickiloveyouplz::iconsaysplz:Can you eat a Krabby Patty Double Deluxe in one bite?
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Apparently Silvvy can't :(
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This comment is the only time I wish dA had a like button.
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