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DragonBros' hard works

It's been a long time that I haven't draw any DragonBros new arts.
I finally start to move again with a website company months ago.
We will make an official site for DB, and it will open on 10/10!

If you join the DragonBros fan club==>:icondragonbrothers:
You will see a lot of news there.

Anyway, this is a "WIP" art for the site.
Silvvy and Ebby are trying to make the computer works...XD
Hope they will make everything ready on time! XD
And you can also have them on your t-shirt now:
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Whatever happened to these guys? The art for them just stopped. :(
Guess the guy got sick of drawing them I guess...
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"How do I computer?"
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You sir, are a GENIUS!!!!!
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So cute!

Yay, 128th comment! I really am 128-bit! :D (128-bit is just my little thing/ joke if you wondered xD)
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I can assemble a CPU, but dragons...

... Can fix ANYTHING.
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awww... i love this 2 dragons... are so cute... congratulations
AskBassChu's avatar
Slivvy may shock
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adorable! I love it! :D
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This is pretty good!
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Haha I'm totally Ebby
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Who's the white and who's the black
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Silvvy is the white dragon, and black is Ebby
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oh, just saying cause Silvvy is so cute.
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They're so cute! :icondragonshy2:
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Do these two have names?
I really like the emote icons.:icondragonlick:
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Silvvy and Ebby.
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Simply adorable! x3
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OMG! This.Is.The.Cutest.Thing.Ever!

The white one reminds me of myself....
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Silvvy is getting there... just need to push a little harder... XD
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i love your arts and dragonbros! :icondragonhugplz:
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