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DragonBros Happy moon festival

I haven't draw any Dragon bros new arts for a long time again...^^;
Since the moon festival is coming, so I decide to make a new wall paper!
Moon festival is an important holiday to Chinese, you can find more info at wiki:

You can download all kinds of versions of wall paper by click the download button.
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Love the colors you used, and the moon as well
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I did see this characters many times xD
What are their names?:)
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Silvvy and Ebby.
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This is so cute. Ah~! <3
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They are so adorable!!!! I love your art of the dragon brothers :) They remind me of me and my brother XD
While my bro is the nice and social one Im more the serious and reserved one lol
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Yay :D
It would be so fun to do this some time :D
emeraldeyewolf's avatar
awwwwwwwww cute :3
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that white one is cuuuuute!
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:icondragonhug: These two are soooo cute~:heart:
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Lol, I saw these little dudes a long time ago but didn't know their names so I gave them thier own nic names white one: mei black one: gabbu
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Ebby looks happy.
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awwwwww silvy is like 'nomnomnomnomnomnom'...
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So cute, I love this. :la:
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awesome!!1 I love them ♥ (mooncakes ♥¬♥)
DragonAce1999's avatar
:icondragonwant: i want that mooncake! (havent had one in YEARS lol) wait... that IS a mooncake, right?
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I love your art! The Style is really nice!
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Cool! :) Silvvy looks so cute in this picture. :meow:
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