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Dragon brothers final design

The Finalized design for the Dragon brothers, for such a long time I finally created the brothers: Silvvy the Silver Dragon and Ebby the Ebony Dragon.
Anthro form is drawn out of my personal interest. :P
Mostly commonly they will appear in their cute forms.
I'm now working with their expressions, more will be coming up in the future.
Maybe I will also draw some strips for them.

Well, if you like those two little guys, plesae fav this and let them be known by more people.
I really hope they can spread on the internet, even if the company abandon them,
I have spent most of my time and enegy on them and I really REALLY do NOT want them to be forgotton. ^^;

Feel free to support me on Patreon.
Most WIPs, sketches, High-res pictures...ect could be found there :)
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FINALLY FOUND WHO MADE THEM!! They are so cute!!! I love them!
I'm gonna draw fanart of these two someday! ^^  Dragonkekeplz 
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Old but gold.
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MTX1996 managed to make this,  1300257 by alpha-power  I know this is chibi form, I wonder what they'll look like in normal form, and anthro form?
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My Little Pony Dragon 
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Errr, I hope you or MTX1996 can draw these ponies use your own pose, or give my credit. It's not a good thing to try to copy other people's ideas.
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I'm pretty sure I addressed you for the original poses in the description below the image.  Still, guess it can't hurt to add some official credits somewhere in there.

With that being said, here's the image with the updated description & credits.  Apologies for the inconvenience!  
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Yeah it's pretty fine now, thank you!
Please keep practice, you will draw some original poses very soon!
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Aw, their so cute!!!!
You did a nice job on them.
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I know that you have these characters copyrighted, so I need your permission for something. There are these comics that I want to make that are similar to Adventure Time (its well-known cartoon). I would like to give these characters a cameo in one of them.

I am asking this because I recently though of putting them on deviant art, but I don't want people to be thinking that I cam stealing your characters. 

I will give special thanks to you and mention that these are your characters and that you have all rights reserved to them.

Thanks for responding in advance.
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Sure, you could draw them just please credit me. :)
And welcome to post the finished art in DragonBro's Fan Club.
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Awww they are adorable :3
I just want to hug them <3
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They're so awesome and cute :3, I hope you RP because I wanna have one of my OCs cuddle them! (Or have them cuddle my OCs... Or have them meet Sam!)

But anyways, you're a amazing artist
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They are adorable in "cute" form.
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Love your dragon bros they're awesome :D
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most cute dragon siblings evah. =3
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WHOA Damn! Never did  thinkI wpuld see these two look so damn anthro and...Attractive in a weird way ^^" Wow . I know you did this back in 2008 but i still love how this looks!

Youre an amazing artist!!
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Thank you!
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I have long loved this pair of dragons, but especially Silvvy. He is the sort of loving, caring dragon that brings a smile to me whenever I see him. :heart:
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Waaaat? These are so cool! What did you draw them on? Like, what site? 
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So you designed these guys? As in like, you created and own them?
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