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Chinese dragon

I noticed I have never drawn a Chinese dragon seriously before,so I doodled one during my work time.
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2024 Year Of The Dragon.
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Is one of the most divine Chinese dragons I have ever seen
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Hii~ im a student and im taking my finals this year. May i use this image as a reference? (not to copy but to study the way you bring out the scales with the colours and lighting.) :D btw, i think this is amazing haha *-*
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If you add my credit and won't publish it, just for personal used, then that's fine~
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Just a heads up, reported by BeastofOblivion who is also a victim of this thief, there is a website known as imagekind that has a user who is selling your work as prints of different sizes on that website.  Here is the link:…  and he goes by the name "Buu Dang". 
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Thanks for let me know, I email them, hope it will be removed soon~
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Can i use this as the chinese dragons in my MLP stallion fan fiction? If so can i upload this as well as a sort of preview? I'll give proper credit. 
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That's ok~ just please add my credit.
Thanks for asking~ :)
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Here it is the legend of all the dragons in the world its well known and only seen in china in dragons day flying around and breathing fire in the sky
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Actually all forms of Dragons exist and are real....
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Well they're only 'real' in the Mythical paradigm no the current Materialist one....
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Watch out we got a badass over here 
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the dragon is very cool ^^
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yes I thnink so too
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