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Alphawolf Kiba model sheet

Model sheet for a Kiba fan.
He doesn't have specail color or marks or accessories,
so I helped him to emphasis on his personality and physical build. ^^;
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Whoa! He looks kickass and wouldn't want to be messed around with. Aw3som3!
BOONJAGGA's avatar
Rockin the Daisy Dukes? :P
FoxxyAzn's avatar
Hahaha I digg his Hotpants
AkaraY's avatar
now THIS is most like WhiteFang. he is EXACTLY like this.
CodyFurlong's avatar
Cool, he reminds me of the white wolf from Wolf's Rain.
KeIIion's avatar
Kiba Kiba Kiba is so sweeet xD I love him ^^
It´s a really really beutiful Model sheet.
J-C's avatar
Thank you!
Freemansheart's avatar
i wish to thank you again for letting me use this as refference
ricsaber123's avatar
^^ ahh really neat
great work on this one!
J-C's avatar
Thank you~
SonicHomeboy's avatar
He seems like he'd make a good friend for anyone. :)
J-C's avatar
Really? I hope so. ^^
SonicHomeboy's avatar
You hope so? You don't sound very confident about it. =P
Toaftur's avatar
Super buff anthro form! :strong:
meow-woof's avatar
It looks like Kiba from Wolf's Rain.

He has the same white fur, with yellow eyes, and is also the alpha of the pack in the show.
J-C's avatar
The original form IS from wolf's rain,
but we make some differences on the fur and body type.
He is not that Kiba from Wolf's rain.
meow-woof's avatar
Ah, no wonder they're so similar.
Werewolf-K9x's avatar
That is one hot piece of wolfie
J-C's avatar
Overwhelming-Power's avatar
Absolutely brilliant job on this. :clap: :heart:
J-C's avatar
Thank you~
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