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These are some of my favorite pieces from my 'weird jewelry' collection. What do I mean by 'weird?' In some cases I mean it literally--an odd idea that the artist had that happened to make an interesting piece of jewelery. Or perhaps maybe it means that the design is unique and something that you don't see everyday. However, most of the time, I mean that the design really pushes either the concept, the form, or the materials into an area where the piece stops being merely decorative and starts becoming a piece of art.

I hope you enjoy my collection. I tried to choose pieces that looked good together, and were photographed well. lastly, I'd like to give a big thank you to all the artists, for making such wonderful work :)

Mature Content

tubular 'screw you' necklace by underglass2
Antithesis by ladyofthemandalore Cache Sexe by elevengallows

Poison Apple by DieTotgeburtDesZeus :thumb80007246: Arrow Hollow Ring by Camtagonist

screw bracelet by Silver925 Brass rings by jschmidt PERIS back by HaremRoyal

'Bloody Aether' brooch by Space-Invader Steampunk Scarab by Phoenix-Cry Ichneumon Fly Soldered Pendant by twistedblister

Body Piercing Jewelry by goldholes Spider Splice Necklace by True-Crimeberry Steampunk Eye Bracelet Jewelry by TheWizardsVault

Mature Content

The Flying Fuck, ring. by Brillville

Mature Content

Bastard by expiringsun

ouija by underglass2 Molar Cuff Links by monsterkookies Branches of death by IMNIUM

The Big City by double-up Vampire Ring by Whitness ovum by discomedusa

Screw Earrings by deaddamien Assault by creatural poison bracelet by bijouxgourmands

Slice Ring by salvagedsword Steampunk Spider necklace by TheWizardsVault Window Box by luthienancalime

Suture Series 2 and 4 by peskywitz Hydo Pole Pendant by SongBird55 more natural materials... by mcdanny3

Amber Steampunk Bee Earrings by NobleStudiosLtd belemnite sun by morpho2012 :thumb101476411:

Stainless Steel Bracelet by ou8nrtist2 Emblem by creatural 08-Scorpion-B-Choker by Mizuenzeru

Deep Throat by K-J-Malings :thumb162186995: stag beetle ring by graemo
© 2010 - 2021 j-alex-darr
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WOW! this is so freaking cool!!

ladyofthemandalore's avatar
I am honored to be included in this collection :) Thank you! I hadn't seen some of the work presented, and I think I found a couple of new favorites as well :) Thank you for expanding my own favorites collection.
j-alex-darr's avatar
Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it and found other pieces you liked. Your antithesis ring is one of my favorites :)
moonbeebz's avatar
Definitely not textbook stuff!
j-alex-darr's avatar
glad you liked the article :)
ThundersSilence's avatar
stunning, fascinating works! thanks for this collection!!
j-alex-darr's avatar
not a problem, glad you liked it
luthienancalime's avatar
Thanks for showing my jewellery here with all these beautiful thing...
j-alex-darr's avatar
you're welcome :)
Space-Invader's avatar
Thank you for the feature! :heart:
True-Crimeberry's avatar
ooo! it all rocks. There's quite a few I haven't seen before, love the gold one with teeth <3
Thanks for the inclusion :)
j-alex-darr's avatar
welcome, glad you liked it :) I'm a fav hunter ;)
FROdominatrix's avatar
j-alex-darr's avatar
thanks for checking them out! :)
morpho2012's avatar
Great collection - thank You
for featuring, and for underlining
the art potential of jewelry.
j-alex-darr's avatar
You're welcome. I am, of course, a firm believer in jewelry as art :) I'm glad you liked it, you're one of my favorite artists here on DA :)
monsterkookies's avatar
VERY nice features - all of them are right up my alley. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!
j-alex-darr's avatar
No problem, thanks for making good work ;)
monsterkookies's avatar
Hehehehe, awwww thanks again! :blush:
alexluna's avatar
Awesome job! Love the collection.
j-alex-darr's avatar
thanks! that means a lot. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
K-J-Malings's avatar
these are all really awesome, thanks for the feature.
j-alex-darr's avatar
you're welcome, glad you liked it :)
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