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[MMD] America Military Edit!

These were my very first successful model edits, I finished them about 2-3 months ago, just never got around to actually making a picture for them.


+America: ZeZe, ES, JordanMarieAndAnime
+2p!America: ZeZe, ES, JordanMarieAndAnime. The Face texture was also edited by me.
+Nyo!America: Drindrence, ES, JordanMarieAndAnime
+2p!Nyo!America: Drindrence, ES, JordanMarieAndAnime





GreenerShader - Neutral
Excellent Shadow
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So awesome! <3 But OmG I want them so bad XD
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Hmm...they aren't even that good tho...
I suppose I could send them to you... the only rule I have is to use basic common sense.
Rakki-Star's avatar
They're awesome to me <3 Lol, Military runs in my Family^^ From my Father, to my Grandfather, to my Uncle and so forth^^

And don't worry, I always credit :)
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They should be sent soon~
Rakki-Star's avatar
K, thank you so much :) And don't worry, I won't edit, Give out the dl, and I will credit <3
J--Marie's avatar
Thank you and you're very welcome, that's really all I could ask for! <3 
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You're so welcome! <3 And aww, I don't understand why people wouldn't follow rules as simple as that tbh :)
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Idk, some people really don't follow rules as simple as that. But I personally, knew that if I ever made any models, I wouldn't have many rules, if any. Also, I don't mind if you edit it to fix any bugs or glitches, you can even do some small edits! Just nothing too major!
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OMG! I just realized you're LeanneVlogzFilmz. Senpai noticed me~

‧⁺( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ʃƪ)⁺‧
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Americas Face xD
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I didn't even think much about it until you just pointed it out! XD
Najlalol's avatar
xDD He's like: Omg this night I will fuck you *grin*
J--Marie's avatar
XD OML JC. To be fair tho... he does look like that. Hetalia Spinning France Ohon honhon hon Icon 
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