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My DeviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 11:09 AM

Well, I thought that it would be a good time to chime in for the sake of reflection. So, let's begin.

I suppose I joined DA about 5 or 6 years ago when my friend showed it to me in middle school. I was always good at art, but never really thought of it as a hobby or anything. I just always got excellent marks in art class. I have won about 3 art shows over the years, and every year I have taken an art class, I was entered into the show. I never really took it seriously until I got into high school.

Anyway back to middle school. I was so impressed and amazed by the amazing talents of the artists here on DA that I wanted to be just like them, no matter what it took. As an animal lover, I had more of a connection with all of you fellow animal artists out there, and I knew that's what I wanted to draw. I initially started drawing in the 8th grade and all I drew really back then were canines and the occasional horse. At the end of 9th grade, I grew out of this phase and started to broaden my horizons as I found more and more people here on DA to watch. I looked at the amazing linework and anatomy - knowing that I needed to improve on this. I was never really bad at drawing I guess, but needless to say it isn't as pretty as it is now. From the 8th to the end of my 10th grade, I never took an art class. I knew that I didn't want to be told what to draw as an artist - which I view as freedom of expression. I didn't want to be held down by those guide lines. In the 10th grade however, I was in a computer graphics class with the lovely TaytoTott who showed me the wonders of drawing feline TLK style characters. She has an amazing talent for freehanding and she was a big inspiration to me. I guess knowing that someone I knew could do something so amazing and make something so beautiful a realization that even I could do it. I always looked up to these people and practiced my art for my own sake - but that was the moment that I knew that I could really do something with this. I soon thereafter started getting into TLK style art, but I knew I still had that little problem of proportions. So, In 11th grade I signed up for beginners 2-D art. I knew this course would help me, even though I still wanted to think that it wouldn't. But even so, it did help me improve in many different medias and it helped me with getting outside of my comfort zone - which you need if you want to improve. After that semester my teacher told me I could apply for the AP course. I guess she saw that I had potential and knew I could do it - So off I went. I won my art show in my senior year - my last chance to ever be showcased - and looking back on it, I never realized how amazing that was for me. I didn't expect to even be in the art show (I was just drawing). It was a picture of my watercolor bike. I have a picture but I keep all of my school work off of DA for personal preference. Since I have been out of high school for 2 years. I have continued to draw on my quest to improve. I found many inspirations here and strived to match my quality with theirs. I know I haven't uploaded much here in the past 2 years - mostly because of college, but mainly because I have been sick for almost a year now. I'm still trying to figure out what it is. I think it's gluten intolerance and mal-nourishment. I won't get into it but basically I think I'm getting better - slowly - but surely. Once I had improved on big cats, I have started to meander back to canines and other animals to see how they would look now that I have improved. If there was any advice to give if you want to become and artist, it is to keep practicing. Don't give up, and yes there are times when your body just doesn't want to draw. Take it easy and work at your own pace when you want to. DON'T make art something you hate by feeling the need to accommodate others over your own satisfaction. If you want to take a break, do it - it's probably better for your own sanity anyway. XD

I guess DA has helped to be an inspiration, and given me the connections and tools to draw subjects in media that I would have otherwise not have been exposed to. I'm still on my journey and I'm nowhere near being done. I'm 20 as of now - with a lot of years ahead of me to improve. REMEMBER - ANYONE CAN BE AN ARTIST - NO MATTER THE AGE! <3

I guess the art below is a progression of my improvement over the years that I have been on this account.

Kamari by IzzyShea

Somewhere back in 2012 (Above)
Critique: I needed to work on proportions (the legs are smaller on the other side) Also I needed to study muscle structure and I really don't like that ear. XD

Affinity Ref 2013 by IzzyShea

In 2013 (Above)
Critique: This was my weird ass muzzle phase. I started to understand muscle anatomy and fur movements a little bit more, but I still needed to improve on paws (might still actually need to improve on that)

You Make Me Whole: Digital by IzzyShea

Later in 2013 I believe (Above)

Critique: One of my first semi realistic drawings. She is too Skinny, but I was starting to include muscle definition and starting to move out of the weird muzzle phase. 

Kadlin Pointing by IzzyShea

Beginning of 2014 (above)

Critique: I am starting to work on expressionism. I will admit that this is a weird picture - I no longer like it. 

Trade: Michiko1125 by IzzyShea

3 Months ago in 2014 (Above)

Critique: Commission for someone on Lioden. Wanted to do my very best. I'm starting to work on paws - toes whatever. I hate the spots on him, I could have done better, my anatomy has improved. I Feel like I should have included more muscle detail.

Afterthoughts by IzzyShea

One of my newest. 

Critique: Starting to study muscle placement and expressionism more. I need to stop creating blank faced characters. Happy with this one, just wish I made the head a little bit bigger.

Commission: Clupis by IzzyShea

Done as a point commission - Newest (Above)

Critique: First time in AGES that I have drawn a canine - for realz. I started to realize that hey.... drawing need knee caps and 3-Dimensions too. XD My only complaint is that the ankles and wrists look weird (I need to study them more) - and the mane is lacking luster I guess.... It looks to puffy or something. Also this breed is a bear wolf hybrid. I would like to draw them more like what they are meant to look like instead of a big dog. (so/so on this one)

I think I'm finally starting to create my own style. - Wow been looking for that for a while XD

Well I guess that's my DA story lol. See you all laterz!

You're Fluffy Hollywood Undead Lover <3

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August 7, 2014