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Kadlin: 2014 by IzzyShea Kadlin: 2014 by IzzyShea
So, I guess this would be my official 2014 ref for my fursona Kadlin. All I really added that's different from last year would be the dorsal stripe, I'm pretty happy with her markings and feel that they reflect me. I didn't change the hair length because I'm pretty happy with how it is, but my hair has grown a lot. I'll most likely change the length again at the beginning of next year :)

New Info:
She's now a full adult!
Determined, nerdy, and spiritual. The spiritual part of the two (not necessarily religious) - has mild psychic powers.

New Hayden Ref (Kadlin's other half): <da:thumb id="475856434">

Just like last year:
The color scheme is based off of my natural hair color, and I was a little bit surprised that it came out so dark. I'm a dirty blonde, and the color of the ears more accurately depict my actual hair color I suppose. The hair length behind her ear that hangs down is how long my hair is now, and as I grow it, that will probably get longer as well. I really fell in love with her.

I made alterations to Mlle-Kamichat's lineart found here :thumb366216710: to more accurately depict how I view myself.
Character and Lineart alterations (C) to me :iconizzyshea:
Lineart (C) to :iconmlle-kamichat:
piggystyle Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Wow, she is so gorgeous and beautiful.
Her fur looks really good.
Would you let her go on a date with me?
Maybe you and her could Roleplay with me :) (Smile)
IzzyShea Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't rp, sorry.
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August 15, 2014
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