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Voodoo Doll:Hidden Character

By IzzyMedrano
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Poop's final ingame model of my design. I stole this image right off his site, because it really was the best example of it. Visit him at [link] He's REALLY great at this shit! He's a Hidden character I did for the Project 8 game, some kinda super cuddly voodoo doll. The challenge was getting it to feel like it was just a massive voodoo doll, and not a guy in a suit. There are a lot of interesting constraints in games, like animation, and texture space, and other shit that make things very difficult. Anyway, just wanted to share more pro work, so you guys know why I'm not uploading so regularly these days. ^_^

Enjoy, and if you can get him in the game play the shit out of him, and tell Neversoft how awesome he was.

I'm also very fond of the Zombie security guard that my buddy did, so play him too!

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Mikit-Yorinao's avatar
I enjoy looking at the distinct different materials and the rough-appearance of the doll.
ckruk19's avatar
this is pretty sweet
MuffinMachine's avatar
Been through poops stuff about a year back, he really is a genius with max. Cool to see that you designed this (and maybe others) of his characters. Almost makes me want to try to dig project 8 back out again to check out the full model. Either way, been looking through your gallery and i shall now continue to do so.
IzzyMedrano's avatar
He's a really awesome guy. Nothing but awesome comes out of that gap-toothed madman. Stop on by anytime!
litauh's avatar
Oh, fck! I'm scared! Voodoo... it is abrupt!
ChaoseVIIn's avatar
Excellent, excellent texture...
TheBraveDieOnce's avatar
poop is the shit. polycount will win the dominance war!
IzzyMedrano's avatar
He's pretty fucking badass, and I'm damn proud to call him a friend.
tandemonium's avatar
*makes grabby hands*
I just wanna hug him.....T___T
Mish87's avatar
makes me wanna make a little voodoo doll for my girlfriend. she already gave me a mousepaw and an indian idol of fidelity. :) Thanks for the great holiday idea :)

oh and Kickass little thing/model/concept everything. you're the shit.
IzzyMedrano's avatar
Sweet! I would suggest against giving anyone that sort of power over you, what with the voodoos and all. But yer in love, so I won't argue it. Muahahahahahahah!

Enjoy the holidays, niggoo.
TheShadowQueen's avatar
haha cooooooool

his website sounds like something id say haha but of course be kidding...
IzzyMedrano's avatar
HOT! No wait.. eww! ... .hot.
boum's avatar
Great stuff!
emaciate's avatar
this guy is famous, Ive seen his site so long ago.
IzzyMedrano's avatar
Yeah, he's really well known. Cool guy for sure.
TheTrieckel's avatar
thats awesome, makes the one i did for a short film for school look like shit
jubame's avatar
Wow it's so adorable!
IzzyMedrano's avatar
Thanks! I thoughtso too!
Iavas's avatar
Wow. That texturing is incredible. Having absolutely no skill in it at all, I can only stare in awe.
IzzyMedrano's avatar
He's a veritable genius!
christines-life's avatar
that's pretty amazing!
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