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Requiem for a Nuclear Dog

By IzzyMedrano
The Rat-Thing from Neil Stephenson's SnowCrash, my first final painting for the package I am putting together of preproduction for a film. If I can get it all done, I will try and send the work out to his publisher and see what he thinks. SnowCrash has gone long underloved by the film industry, when in fact it is the one of the god-fathers of the cyberpunk genre. Shit, I mean, if they can make that drek Johnny Mnemonic... guh... "I know Cyber Dolphin Kung fu"...
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Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
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This was the only design I ended up not liking.  I will go back and redo it someday.  I also have to redo Ng!  Did you see my Raven?
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Yeah! "POOR IMPULSE CONTROL". Cool. Almost as how I imagined him. The hair might be too neat. And I thought the cut glass like in his spear would be more clear, completely see through. Anyway, great work!
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I find this idea & this whole piece prtty awesom! I love the way incorporated the cybernetic elements onto the dog,making his organic side somewhat less than his robotic side,i'm nt xactly sure if it wud b right 2 call him nuclear tho,he lookz more wholely robotic. i rlly love this tho,prtty awesom! :heart: :love: :heart:
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You should read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.
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This is what I want my robot wolf Bubby from my Iron man Armored Adventures fanfic Blood Vow Revenge to look like but without the tail, those things sticking out his back, or those word written on him.
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And I want him full cyborg.
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This is officially my favorite thing on the internet. Thank you.
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Very very cool.....
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Ha! Rat Thing! :v

I imagined them totally different, oddly. Like metallic armadillos with woodlice legs. I like the cooling panels a lot though.
I don't know how that movie idea is going, but I would sure as hell watch it, oh my god yes.
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Awesome. I like that idea for the rat things... I definitely had a strong dog impulse with it... I would go back and totally redesign this now, though. I've a whole new aesthetic sense of it. hahaha
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stunning work, so dynamic, i like a lot!
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So extrordinarily cool. And the most sympathetic character in the book :)
"poor impulse control" forever...
Mr. F
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nuclear fucking ballsacs, ace.
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Brilliant - has a great portrayal of movement!
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that's some dynamic movement man---great perspective. Those balls mad me laugh, btw:laughing:
Wow. thats really great. The general look and especially the heat radiating fins make it pop right out of the book. A Y.T. wouldnt be a bad thing.
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