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A quiet scene between all the madness.  Here's Shesh the main character from my short story MAGGOT.  You can check out the intro to the short story here:…
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This robot-scout is a spy!
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nice background! everything is so extremely detailed and amazing!
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Wooah, This is amazing.
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The character is based off of the X-Man Maggot, right? There's too many similarities for it not to be.
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No.  They're really nothing alike in the end.  Maggot is just the name of the IP, not the character.  Maggots worms are parasites, these are nanite constructs.  There's a whole different story in there.  Check out the intro to my short story I posted just before this...
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So in no way were you influenced at all by Maggot.
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Whoa, this is awesome! :D 
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Wow...such an awesomely detailed cover! :D  Especially with the skin cover the muscles and bones!  AMazing!! :D
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This is only one of MANY illustrations I've done for the IP. :D
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I love his face, and the anatomy, and that arm... amazing work!
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homeless tetsuo! :p lol I love this.
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There is a great level here.

One question, are the background a photo??
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